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12. Nov 2018
Lookout towerMonument to the victims of the Second World WarVillage Smartno in Goriska BrdaInformation board - GonjaceMonument on the hill Mejnik above the village GonjaceMonument to the victims of WWII from the path to the top of the towerCircular stairs to the the of the towerKojsko - Church of the Holy CrossLower part of the tower
01. Nov 2018
Sabotin - View
The Soca RiverSabotin - ViewpointView in the direction of Sveta Gora above Nova GoricaSveta GoraView to the northeastSabotin summit
01. Nov 2018
Sabotin - Caverns
Entrance into cavern that leads on the north trail to SolkanSide tunnel to crenelCavernPath by the Sabotin wallsTransport cartsThe system of Austro-Hungarian cavernsSabotin - Guided tours of caverns and museumSabotin - The system of Austro-Hungarian caverns below the ridge of SabotinDescent in the cave by the stairsExit to the north trail to SolkanEntrance into the caverns and washbowl
21. Oct 2018
Klet Brda - Lobby
Klet Brda - WorldwideBrands Villa Brici, Bagueri, Quercus, Peneca Rebula, etc.BagueriSparkling Rebula, Sparkling Muskat, Fritz, ...FritzzVinska klet Goriška Brda - Sparkling winesGlassesWine Cellar Goriska Brda - LobbyWines Avia, Colliano, Cabarnet sauvignon, Quercus, etc.
14. Oct 2018
Smartno is one of the most beautiful villages in the centre of Goriska brda. It was built on the remains of the Roman stronghold. In written sources was first mentioned in 1317. The walls with towers were built for defence against Turkish invasions in the first half of the 16th century. Sometimes had had possessions here the Counts of Gorizia, but after death of last one the Goricko Region inherited the Habsburg emperor Maximilian. Smartno is included in the connection of antiturkish camps and villages in Brdo and Primorska Region. As a frontier fortress was a village until the middle of the 18th century, when the Venetian danger had passed. Old medieval houses are grouped around ...
15. Aug 2018
Kanal z okolico
Kanal - Beach (Bathing area)Kanal - Kanal BridgeKanal TroughsRoad over Kanal BridgeBeach in KanalKanal Troughs under Old Town Centre of KanalView of KanalKanal Bridge near old town centre of KanalKanal Troughs north from bridgeShallow part in the upper part of bathing areaMonument dedicated to the WWII
13. Aug 2018
Castle ParkGolf Grad OtocecStari grad (Old Castle)Struga CastleWooden BridgeOtocec Castle HotelA monument to the youth work brigadesCastle yardKrka River
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