New trips

09. Dec 2017
Zoo - Farm animals
PigletsFarm animalsGoatGoatsPiglets and motherFarm animals in the Ljubljana ZooFarm animals near the entrance into ZooPlace for the farm animals in the zooBull
09. Dec 2017
Performance areaPark LokaPark LokaPark Loka - Krka RiverPark Loka - Natural bathing areaKrka RiverLog cabinParking area by the road from Zagradec to Zuzemberk
29. Nov 2017
Krka - Krka River
Krka - Krka RiverBridge over the Krka River in KrkaKrka River in the direction of ZuzemberkKrka RiverKrka River in village Krka
29. Nov 2017
Poltarica Cave
Short path to the Poltarica CaveInformation board - Old castle VrhkrkaPoltarica Cave below the rocky wall on the leftLast part of the path in the forest to the Poltarica CaveArrival to the Poltarica CaveView back to the Poltarica CaveInformation board - Poltarica CaveView back of the Source of the Poltarica Creek and parking area
29. Nov 2017
Krka Cave
Information board - Krka CaveNear the entrance into the Krka CaveStairs to the Krka CaveStairsPath into the Krka CaveKrka Cave - Tourist society KrkaSource of the Krka River near the Krka CaveKrka Cave - Working hoursKrka Cave - EntranceInformation board - Krka Cave
25. Nov 2017
Source of the Krka River
The River Krka springs in the Krka Cave in the 268 height above see level and then it flows into the river Sava at Brezice. To the spring you can come after the pleasant walk throug the village Gradicek. The Karst spring is under the rock, where is the the entrance to the original Krka Cave. The examination of the cave is possible only with the tourist guide, which will accept you before entering to the cave. The cave is open from April to October. For the public was opened by the Tourist association Krka in the year 1996. The Krka Cave is 200 metres long and wide about 30 metres. The chamber is concluded with the 30 metres long siphon lake. The siphon goes after the 210 metres int ...
15. Nov 2017
Kromberk - Church of Saint MaryFountainStatue - Vinko VodopivecChurch of Saint Mary - FrontParking area at Castle KromberkCastle Kromberk - South sideRestaurant Castle KromberkKarl Seppenhofer - Statue of Paul Rostas (first half of 19th century, Log pri Vipavi)Castle Kromberk - East sideCastle Kromberk - Castle parkLapidary
13. Nov 2017
Church of St. Kozma and DamianKrka RiverMonument for the National Liberation WarChurch of St. Kozma and Damian in KrkaMonument with a tomb fallen in the WWIIKrka - Church of St. Kozma and DamianBridge over the Krka River in KrkaCentral part of KrkaKrka RiverKrka River in the direction of Zuzemberk