Privacy Policy and Cookies

What are cookies?

As first, cookies are not virus or anything danger for your computer. Almost all sites are using cookies, also google, yahoo, cnn, amazon, etc.

Cookies are small text files created by webpages that get stored on the computer of the person visiting the webpage. The data stored in cookies can be used in many different ways depending on the website that created it. Typically they might be used for example

- to store products added to shopping baskets,
- collect anonymous analytical information to help site owners see how their sites are being used,
- to keep you logged into web portals, or
- to provide targeted advertising.

Privacy policy on KRAJI - Slovenia

Logs on web server

Like many other web sites also portal KRAJI - Slovenia makes use of log files where are information about requests that come to web server. These files are automaticly generated at the web hosting provider and deleted after some period of time. Information inside log files are include data about IP address, date and hour of visit, browser type and the address of web site. These log files are not analysed or used in any other way except in cases when web site is not working properly and we need more detail review.

Proprietary analytics

Web portal KRAJI - Slovenia logs strictly for their own needs information about the sites that have been visited. During current month we log data for each visited site (date and hour, site address). At the end of the month daily sums of visitors are made for the each page, more detail data is deleted. This information serves only to analyze the number of visitors by each pages of portal KRAJI - Slovenia. All visitors are totally anonymous.

Google Analytics

Like many other web sites also portal KRAJI - Slovenia uses Google Analytics. We set it in the way that Google does not store any cookie, beside that all further data analyse from Google is switched off inside Google Analytics. Google Analytics helps us to track number of visitors on portal and trends of visitors according different countries. IP address is not connected with other information that could helps us to personally identified you.

Cookies on KRAJI - Slovenia

Session Cookie

Session cookie (PHPSESSID) is created at every first visit of the site and it does not include any data about user identity. It is deleted immediately when user leaves portal. Cookie session is used only in the case when user logs on portal (after prior registration). Therefore such user has enabled some specific options for the time of portal visit that are disabled for other users (for example use of forum).

Google Adsense (Doubleclick)

Portal KRAJI - Slovenia shows Google ads that helps us to keep portal free for everyone and to make improvements all the time with new trips. Without ads portal will stop working on long-term and this will deprive first of all the visitors of portal.
Settings to show ads are set in the way that Google does not collect and analyse data or send data to 3rd parties. We did everything what we could do to remove most of the cookies. Still every visitor can disable cookies in web broswer by himself.

Cookie table

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We suggest you to read more about cookies:

How to switch off cookies?

Most of web browsers allow you to switch off cookies (completely or only 3rd party cookies). You should be aware of that after switch off some services on our or other portals will not work any more or will work not work fully. Similary as it was dilemma few years ago to switch on or off javascript, nowadays almost everyone have switch on javascript.Cookies can be switch off also only for portal KRAJI - Slovenia with a click on this link. In this case we we will still have to set session cookie, where we will store information that you don’t want to use cookies on this portal.
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