Heracles Temple - Heraklejevo svetišče
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Heracles Temple

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Celje is the third largest town in Slovenia. It is situated at the confluence of the river Voglajna and river Savinja. The Heracles Temple is located on the right bank of the river Savinja. It lies on the Sadnik Garden under the Miklavski hrib (Nicholas Hill). The Heracles Temple is rather hidden, so we have to be more careful when we look for it. The region round the Miklavski hrib was the first permanent settlement in the surrounding of the city Celje. The first beginnings of the settlement were already in the Iron Age. The settlement was under Celts known as Keleia. In the 1rd century B.C. the settlement came under the government of the Roman Empire and became one of the most blooming colonies. The town Celeia reached in the 2rd century B.C. the greatest blossoming and number of inhabitants. The Heracles Temple was the antique cult building and intended for worship of divinities. Heracles was the most divine hero by Greek mythology and one of many children of the Emperor Zeus. In Roman mythology is called Hercules. Today it is preserved only one column in the Heracles Temple, otherwise we can see only ruins of the temple.


Heracles Temple - Heracles Temple

Photo: 1022-0

Heracles Temple
Heracles Temple - Remains of Heracles Temple

Photo: 1022-1

Remains of Heracles Temple
Heracles Temple - Heracles Temple above Celje City park

Photo: 1022-2

Heracles Temple above Celje City park
Heracles Temple - Heracles Temple above Celje

Photo: 1022-3

Heracles Temple above Celje
Heracles Temple - Preserved column of Heracles Temple

Photo: 1022-4

Preserved column of Heracles Temple
Heracles Temple - Pillar in Heracles Temple

Photo: 1022-5

Pillar in Heracles Temple
Heracles Temple - Column

Photo: 1022-6

Heracles Temple - Demolished pillar

Photo: 1022-7

Demolished pillar
Heracles Temple - Remain of Heracles Temple

Photo: 1022-8

Remain of Heracles Temple

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Municipality: CELJE (48592 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Celje (37520 population), Trnovlje pri Celju (1234), Ljubečna (1071), Zadobrova (861), Lopata (619),

Košnica pri Celju (579), Gorica pri Šmartnem (558), Škofja vas (485), Prekorje (373), Bukovžlak (354), Začret (341), Lokrovec (309), Teharje (287), Medlog (281), Šmartno v Rožni dolini (279), Pečovnik (272), Zvodno (270), Slatina v Rožni dolini (255), Vrhe (243), Brezova (229), Šmarjeta pri Celju (219), Šmiklavž pri Škofji vasi (215), Dobrova (208), Leskovec (188), Šentjungert (148), Rožni Vrh (135), Otemna (125), Loče (122), Pepelno (109), Lahovna (103), Slance (97), Žepina (96), Osenca (82), Rupe (73), Jezerce pri Šmartnem (69), Tremerje (64), Lipovec pri Škofji vasi (48), Glinsko (41), Runtole (30)


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