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Izola - Sončno nabrežje
Coastal - Inner CarniolaIzola


Izola - Mandrac (Harbour)
Izola - Soncno nabrezje
Izola - Park Pietro Coppo
Izola - Church of St. Maurus
Izola - Manziolijev trg (Manzioli Square)
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Izola is a wonderful seaside city, which lies between Koper and Piran. The name got after the island on which it was built. Today is known as the tourist place, but people are still very much connected with fishing and producing of oil and wine. The first tourism started to develop with discovering of the thermal springs in the year 1820. The greater interesting things worth seeing are Italian elementary school Dante Alighieri, Parenzana museum, Trg padlih za svobodo (Square), Soncno nabrezje, Manzioli Square, the Church of St. Mary of Haliaetum, the Cape Petelin, port (madrac), Municipal palace (City Hall), the Church of St. Maurus, the Besenghi degli Ughi palace, the Chapel of the Brotherhood of Flagellants, Scuola Batutti, Trg republike (Square), the pavilion and fountain in Pietro Coppo Park, the Church of Saint Rocco and others. In summer months in Izola organize different concerts. In the city is also the popular discotheque Ambasada Gavioli. From the centre goes the promenade way to Simon's bay. From Izola goes the promenade way to the Simon's bay, where you can relax and enjoy in views. On the beach of the Hotel resort is the children's playground. In nearness is the restaurant with good food. In Izola is the famous discotheque called Ambasada Gavioli (Embassy of Gavioli). During summer months they organize different concerts, street performances and other.


Izola - Izola

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Izola - The old town centre of Izola

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The old town centre of Izola
Izola - Izola on Slovenian coast

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Izola on Slovenian coast
Izola - Izola from Koper direction

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Izola from Koper direction
Izola - Izola with shipyard

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Izola with shipyard
Izola - Marina <br> Marina Izola

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Marina Izola
Izola - Simonov zaliv (Simon's bay) <br> San Simon

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Simonov zaliv (Simon'...

San Simon

Izola - Simonov zaliv (Simon's bay) <br> Beach

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Simonov zaliv (Simon'...


Izola - Simonov zaliv (Simon's bay) <br> Villa Maritime

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Izola - Ulica Alme Vivoda with neighbourhood <br> Italian elementary school Dante Alighieri

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Ulica Alme Vivoda wit...

Italian elementary school Dante Alighieri
Izola - Parenzana museum <br> Railway model in Parenzana museum

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Parenzana museum

Railway model in Parenzana museum
Izola - Soncno nabrezje <br> Path along the seaside

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Soncno nabrezje

Path along the seaside
Izola - Trg padlih za svobodo with neighbourhood <br> Trg padlih za svobodo Square

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Trg padlih za svobodo...

Trg padlih za svobodo Square
Izola - Manziolijev trg (Manzioli Square) <br> Lovisato and Manzioli palace

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Manziolijev trg (Manz...

Lovisato and Manzioli palace
Izola - Izola <br> Cape Petelin - Lighthouse

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Izola - Veliki trg

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Izola - Church of St. Maurus

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Izola - Park Pietro Coppo

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Izola - Drevored 1. maja

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Izola - Avtocamp Jadranka

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Izola - Church of St. Rocco

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Izola - Scuola Battuti Oratory

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Izola - The Ugo family plaque

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Izola - Former City Hall

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Izola - Mandrac (Harbour)

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Izola - Beach at the lighthouse

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Izola - Beach at the lighthouse <br> Beach for blind and disabled

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Beach at the lighthou...

Beach for blind and disabled


Municipality: IZOLA (15848 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Izola (11223 population), Jagodje (2225), Korte (762), Šared (587), Malija (483),

Dobrava (237), Baredi (145), Cetore (128), Nožed (58)


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2012-02-27 00:33:48 - KHofferMD
My wife and I toured all of Slovenia in summer of 2011 and started our trip in Izola. We loved it very much. The Hotel Marina was perfect and the staff great. We enjoyed our side trip to Koper and our visit to Piran and Portoroz. Your site is very helpful in reminding me of the names of the sites we saw.
Unfortunately, some of the descriptions in English need heavy editing by a native speaker. If you would like some help I wouold be willing to.