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Izola - Parenzana museum - Maketa železnice v Muzeju Parenzana
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Izola - Parenzana museum

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The Museum of Parenzana is located in the old centre of the Izola. If we are enough watchful, we can see the signs, which will lead us to the museum. The Museum of Parenzana was open in the year 2000. Parenzana was called the small train in that time. The museum shows the history of the narrow gauge railway Parenzana. The railway connected at the beginning of the earlier century places from Trieste to Porec that included Izola as a key station stop. The first train started in the year 1902 and the last 33 years later. It stayed in the memory of the local people because of the wonderful views from the train. It is the symbol of connecting different nations from all clases. You can see in the museum photographic material and other documents about the railway line, unique railway models and a large map of Parenzana. One of the richest collections of the train models is in the property of the Josip Mihelic, who also shows you and explains you the secret of the Parenzana. The path of Parenzana is today the footpath and cycling road. It is called The path of health and friendship.


Parenzana museum - Railway model in Parenzana museum

Photo: 2579-0

Railway model in Parenzana museum
Parenzana museum - Train models

Photo: 2579-1

Train models
Parenzana museum - Map of narrow-gauge Parenzana railway that connected towns from Trieste to Porec

Photo: 2579-2

Map of narrow-gauge Parenzana railway that connected towns from Triest...
Parenzana museum - Pictures of old locomotives

Photo: 2579-3

Pictures of old locomotives
Parenzana museum - Old lamps

Photo: 2579-4

Old lamps
Parenzana museum - Museum Parenzana in Izola

Photo: 2579-5

Museum Parenzana in Izola
Parenzana museum - Model

Photo: 2579-6

Parenzana museum - Mode of railway line

Photo: 2579-7

Mode of railway line
Parenzana museum - Photos of locomotives

Photo: 2579-8

Photos of locomotives
Parenzana museum - Model in Parenzana museum

Photo: 2579-9

Model in Parenzana museum
Parenzana museum - Models of locomotives and coaches

Photo: 2579-10

Models of locomotives and coaches
Parenzana museum - Model of coach

Photo: 2579-11

Model of coach

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Municipality: IZOLA (15848 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Izola (11223 population), Jagodje (2225), Korte (762), Šared (587), Malija (483),

Dobrava (237), Baredi (145), Cetore (128), Nožed (58)


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2012-02-27 00:33:48 - KHofferMD
My wife and I toured all of Slovenia in summer of 2011 and started our trip in Izola. We loved it very much. The Hotel Marina was perfect and the staff great. We enjoyed our side trip to Koper and our visit to Piran and Portoroz. Your site is very helpful in reminding me of the names of the sites we saw.
Unfortunately, some of the descriptions in English need heavy editing by a native speaker. If you would like some help I wouold be willing to.