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Portoroz (in Italian language Portorose), the port of roses, is one of the biggest tourist towns in Slovenia. The city lies on the sunny side of the northern coast in the Piran or smaller Portoroz bay. Over the past hundred years the city invites guests from all over the world to relaxation, healing and recreation. The tourism was developed over the years because of the mild climate, fresh air, sea and effective healing with saltpan mud and salt water. The auditorium in Portoroz is the cultural and congressional centre. In the open amphitheatrical place and in the halls organize many cultural entertainments like theatrical, concerts, exhibitions, festivals and many others. The auditorium has several halls like Main hall, White hall, Green hall, Blue hall, Red hall, Coffee room and others.


Avditorij - Avditorij Portoroz (Portoroz Auditorium)

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Avditorij Portoroz (Portoroz Auditorium)
Avditorij - Amfiteater (Amphitheatre)

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Amfiteater (Amphitheatre)
Avditorij - Tickets shop near entrance in Amfiteater

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Tickets shop near entrance in Amfiteater
Avditorij - View of sits in Amfiteater

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View of sits in Amfiteater
Avditorij - Stage in Amfiteater

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Stage in Amfiteater
Avditorij - Seats in Amfiteater

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Seats in Amfiteater
Avditorij - Seats

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Avditorij - Around amphitheatre

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Around amphitheatre
Avditorij - Road to the Amfiteater

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Road to the Amfiteater
Avditorij - View of the Avditorij in Portoroz

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View of the Avditorij in Portoroz
Avditorij - Entrance in Avditorij Portoroz

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Entrance in Avditorij Portoroz
Avditorij - Avditorij - Glavna dvorana, Bela dvorana, Zelena dvorana, Modra dvorana, Rdeča dvorana, Kavarna ...

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Avditorij - Glavna dvorana, Bela dvorana, Zelena dvorana, Modra dvoran...
Avditorij - Poster for festival

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Poster for festival "Melodije Morja in Sonca" (Melodies of Sea and Sun...
Avditorij - Portoroz Avditorij

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Portoroz Avditorij
Avditorij - Palm trees in front of Portoroz Avditorij

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Palm trees in front of Portoroz Avditorij

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Municipality: PIRAN (17717 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Lucija (5872 population), Piran (4192), Portorož (2947), Seča (1210), Parecag (986),

Sečovlje (773), Strunjan (576), Dragonja (383), Sv. Peter (379), Nova vas nad Dragonjo (229), Padna (170)


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