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Hotel Mitra - Rooms

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Hotel Mitra has 25 double-bed rooms and 4 suites for four people. All rooms are furnished in five different styles: Secession, Middle Ages, Roman, Bourgeois style, Modern and have modern equipment. Each room has interactive digital TV, telephone, sistem NETICmedia, minibar, a shower cabin, a hair-dryer, hygiene items, WC and quick wireless (free) access to Internet. Besides comfortable rooms are available coffee house, lobby, dining room, Venus wellness salon, three conference salons, Osterberger's wine cellar and a relaxing Mithra's garden – atrium far from the hustle and bustle of the town.


Rooms - Hotel Mitra - Rooms

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Hotel Mitra - Rooms
Rooms - Storey of Hotel Mitra

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Storey of Hotel Mitra
Rooms - Jernej Forbici - Author of paintings in Hotel Mitra

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Jernej Forbici - Author of paintings in Hotel Mitra
Rooms - Staircase

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Rooms - Storey

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Rooms - Corridor

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Rooms - Orpheus' Room

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Orpheus' Room
Rooms - Board Town Judge's Room

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Board Town Judge's Room
Rooms - Town Judge's Room - Middle Ages

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Town Judge's Room - Middle Ages
Rooms - Bathroom

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Rooms - Board Habsburg's Room

Photo: 3361-10

Board Habsburg's Room
Rooms - Habsburg's Room - Middle Ages

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Habsburg's Room - Middle Ages
Rooms - Board Vespasian's Suite

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Board Vespasian's Suite
Rooms - Vespasian's Suite  - Ancient Rome

Photo: 3361-13

Vespasian's Suite - Ancient Rome


Municipality: PTUJ (23629 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Ptuj (18164 population), Krčevina pri Vurbergu (943), Spuhlja (893), Podvinci (852), Kicar (819),

Mestni Vrh (679), Grajenščak (506), Grajena (357), Spodnji Velovlek (212), Pacinje (204)


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