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Smarna gora Hill - Šmarna gora
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Smarna gora Hill 

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Smarna gora Hill is a popular hiking point, which attracts many people from everywhere through all the year. It is situated in Tacen by Ljubljana. Top of the Smarna gora Hill has two peaks, which are Smarna gora Hill (669 metres) and Grmada (676 metres). On the peak is a wonderful view to surroundings. When it is sunny weather, you can see Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia. Smarna gora Hill was already settled in prehistorical times. You can go to Smarna gora Hill from different ways, which are way over Peske, way from Vikrc, Wester way, Kovac path, way from Tacen, path over Zatrep and Upper kitchen, Pilgrim's way, path to Grmada over Lower Kitchen and Zatrep, Mazi path, way of Freedom, way from Skarucna, Partisan's way, path from Zavrh, Smarska path, climbing or Pogacnik way and road to Smarna gora Hill. The most known to me is the way from Tacen, where will expect you the free parking place. From here to the peak is about 30 to 40 minutes of walking. Towards to the end is the slope more steep. Here is the St. Antony's bell. Your wish will fulfil if you pull the bell, but just once. On Smarna gora Hill is the interesting late Gothic church in which are also organized weddings. Beside the church is the restaurant Ledinek, where they have delicious Slovenian food. The most known is the tea and salty pretzel. If you wish, you can use comfortable chairs for resting. Children can play at the playground. In Smarna gora Hill are also organized photographic, artistic, sports and musical events.


Smarna gora Hill - Smarna gora Hill

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Smarna gora Hill - On the top <br> View of Ljubljana

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On the top

View of Ljubljana
Smarna gora Hill - Church

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