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Terme Olimia - Welness center Termalija
Carinthia - Savinja RegionTerme Olimia

Terme Olimia 

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Terme Olimia is situated in the Municipality Podcetrtek. Therme Olimje offers lots of possibilities for relaxation. There are many accomodations possibilities like hotel Sotelia, hotel Breza, aparthotel Rosa, village Lipa, for those, who do not like the hotel atmosphere or camp Natura, for lovers of the genuine connection with nature. You can also go to the wellnes centre Termalia, congress centre, centre of health, thermal park Aqualuna, bars and restaurants. In the wellnes centre Termalia is expecting you more than 2000 water areas and the colourful world of saunas. You can enjoy in the resting places with hanging chairs, whirlpools, waterfalls and baths, Spa&Beauty centre, sauna, salt bath, sauna in the open space, Japanese steam bath, fitness, solarium, childrens place, nudist beach and many other attractive places for unforgettable experiences. Congress centre offers organization of social events, cultural entertainment, conferences, motivation programmes and other. Terme Olimia also offers possibilities for adrenalin addicts, because they have in the thermal park Aqualuna dizzy toboggans and different paths for quick downs by snaky curves. In the restaurant Lipa and in the hotel restaurants they take care for hungry and culinary gourmets. In Terme Olimia and in the surroundings is a lot of possibilities for sport and recreation. You can borrow bicycle, play tennis, football, basketball, badminton, table tennis, darts, volleyball in the grass or in the sand and many other. Undamaged nature offers chances for fishing and hunting. In Olimje is situated the wonderful golf playground. It is also provided for beginners, because they organize school of swimming, golf and tennis. They organize short and long trips, because there is a lot of natural and cultural things to see around.


Terme Olimia - Welness Centre Termalija

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Welness Centre Termalija
Terme Olimia - Parking place in front of Termalija

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Parking place in front of Termalija
Terme Olimia - Entrance in Welness Centre Termalija

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Entrance in Welness Centre Termalija
Terme Olimia - Inside pool in Welness Centre Termalija

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Inside pool in Welness Centre Termalija
Terme Olimia - Hotel Breza

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Hotel Breza
Terme Olimia - In winter time covered outside pool in Termalija

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In winter time covered outside pool in Termalija
Terme Olimia - Paths around Terme Olimia

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Paths around Terme Olimia
Terme Olimia - Promenade above Termalija

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Promenade above Termalija
Terme Olimia - Aparthotel Rosa

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Aparthotel Rosa
Terme Olimia - Sign for village Lipa

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Sign for village Lipa
Terme Olimia - Village Lipa

Photo: 1327-10

Village Lipa
Terme Olimia - Village Lipa

Photo: 1327-11

Village Lipa

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