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Many times we find ourself in the situation when we are looking for some specific place on Internet and for start we are only interested to see some photo for first impression but we couldn't find it. Because one of my hobbies is travelling and discovering new interesting places in Slovenia I decided to make such web page by myself. Except of a rare exceptions, I really visited all the places on my site and took photos.

Whole project KRAJI - Slovenia is my own project that everyone offers to become aware of Slovenia beauty also from his home. If anyone sees business opportunity for cooperation (connecting with other web sites, advertising ...) is welcome. Also I will appreciate any ideas that could make site better and warnings for any mistakes you found on site. Handicapped and visitors of my site please take my apology in advance for any mistake.

It is forbidden to use photos and the other material without permission except in the special cases (see Terms of Use). If you want to buy the photos, please read the page Photos Selling.

We add ladybirds at some places that we specially recommend for visit.

Your website is beautiful. Almost like taking a vacation from my office chair.

Elizabeth from USA
Thank you so much for creating your site, it's easy to follow and I do recommend it to my friends before they come out and visit.

Marie, the owner of Hemingway House in Kobarid