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Izola is a picturesque town on the Slovenian coast, located between Koper and Piran. Old town centre with narrow streets lies on the former island, which was connected with the mainland in the 19th century. Here are located the major attractions such as the Manzioli House from 1470, the Curch of St. Maurice from 1553, the aristocratic Lovisato House, the Town Hall and many other attractions. Izola is a popular tourist destination, where people are still closely connected with fishing, production of oil and wine. From Izola goes a promenade to Simon's Bay, where is a hotel complex with a beach.
Izola doesn't have many hotel accomodations. The most known hotels are the Hotel Haliaetum and the Hotel Mirta, both are four stars hotels and are located in the Simon's Bay. Guests can also enjoy the Wellness & Spa Mirta. The restaurant San Simon offers a varied cuisine. Beside these hotels there are also available The Vile Park Hotel with rooms and apartments in the Simon's Bay, the Hotel Marina in the old town centre, the Hotel Keltika and the Hotel Belvedere, which is situated 1.5 kilometres from the centre of Izola.
Beside the hotel accommodation Izola offers the cheap accommodation in hostels, apartments and private rooms. The budget hostel is the Hostel Old School Korte, which is from Izola few kilometres away. The hostel is located in the heart of the Istrian countryside, in the small village of Mediterranean appearance named Korte, where guests can enjoy an authentic Istrian cuisine. They have nice rooms, two suites with jacuzzi, infrared sauna, a massage room, library and other. The location of the hostel in the hinterland of Istria is ideal for those who love cycling, horse riding, hiking and other recreation.

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