New trips

12. Apr 2021
Church of St. NicholasStatue of Ivan GroharGrohar's HouseShrine before the villageGasthaus MacesenShrine near the churchIvan Grohar (painter, 1867-1911)Spodnja Sorica with the Church of St. NicholasSpodnja Sorica in Zelezniki Municipality
08. Apr 2021
Koper - Vinakoper
Wine CellerPressBig barrelBarrels and big tanks in the backgroundHall with smaller barrelsBottles of wineBig wine tanksVarious vineyard containersWine saleWine growing and wine-making in the Country of Refosk
05. Apr 2021
Children's playground and outdoor fitnessPromenade along Psata CreekIvan Hribar CentreSculpture SpringTrzin - Sculpture SpringSculpture and fountain SpringPromenade by the sport centreOutdoor fitness in TrzinPlayground T3 - Fitness equipments
03. Apr 2021
Wine FountainThe parish Church of St. CrossMarezige - Wine cellarShopFountain with pressViewMonument to the National Liberation War and the pre-war victims of fascismWine Fountain with the neighbourhoodMonument in Marezige (architect Teja Badjura; 1958)
03. Apr 2021
Marezige - View
Marezige - ViewThe views of IstriaView of Koper at Wine Fountain in Marezige
03. Apr 2021
Vanganel Lake
Vanganel Lake above KoperOne of the trails to the lakeView back to the road Vanganel - MarezigeSmall parking area by the road Vanganel - Marezige/SmarjePath on the barrierVanganel LakeMemorial to the victim of fascism Path along the Vanganel LakeView behind the barrier
16. Nov 2020
Zrece is a picturesque settlement located in the northeastern part of Slovenia, below the slopes of Pohorje in the upper part of the Dravinja Valley. The place is surrounded by nearby hills, in the west by the ridges of Zabork, Golek and Krizevec, in the north and east by a ridge descending from Rogla. Zrece is the youngest Slovenian town, which became an urban settlement in 1987 and is the seat of the municipality of the same name. It is an important tourist and economic center of the wider area. The toolmakers companies Comet and Unior have their headquarters here, and Terme Zrece in particular contributes the most to the development of tourism. In Zrece and its surroundings, i ...