New trips

12. Apr 2021
Church of St. NicholasGrohar's HouseStatue of Ivan GroharGasthaus MacesenShrine before the villageShrine near the churchChurch of St. Nicholas surrounded by the cemeteryStatue of Ivan Grohar in Spodnja Sorica
08. Apr 2021
Koper - Vinakoper
Wine CellerPressWicker wine bottlesVinotekaBig barrelVarious vineyard containersHall with smaller barrelsWine saleWine Celler - EntranceBar
05. Apr 2021
Promenade along Psata CreekSculpture SpringIvan Hribar CentreChildren's playground and outdoor fitnessFountain SpringPrimary schoolMlakarjeva ulica StreetKindergarten
03. Apr 2021
Vanganel Lake
Vanganel Lake near Vanganel villageVanganel Lake near MarezigeOne of the trails to the lakeBarrierVanganel barrierSmall parking area by the road Vanganel - Marezige/SmarjePath along the Vanganel LakeVanganel LakeView behind the barrier
03. Apr 2021
Wine FountainViewFountain with pressShopWine Fountain with the neighbourhoodThe parish Church of St. CrossMarezige - Wine cellarMonument to the National Liberation War and the pre-war victims of fascismMarezige - The parish Church of St. Cross
03. Apr 2021
Marezige - View
Marezige - ViewThe views of IstriaView of Koper at Wine Fountain in Marezige
16. Nov 2020
Zalec - The Green Gold Fountain
Zalec is a small town that represents the administrative and economic center in the municipality of the same name. It is located in the Savinja Valley and has been a town since 1964. As a center of Slovenian hop growing, the place has been known since the end of the 19th century. Other economic activities include trade, crafts and metallurgy. In written sources was first mentioned in 1256. The oldest monument is the former pilgrimage or Gothic church of Saint Nicholas from the 12th century, which was completely renovated in 1906. Tourist attractions of Zalec are Savin's House from 1669, Zotel Forge, Ecomuseum of Hop Growing and Brewing of Slovenia, Institute of Hop Growing and Br ...