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Bled - Bled Island 

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Bled - Lake Bled

Lake Bled is wonderful in every time of the year and so attracts many visitors from near and far. If you go for a walk around the lake, you can see the city part with the shopping centre and Spa Park, Castle Bathing Area, Mala Zaka with Rowing Centre and statue of boatman, Velika Zaka, baths in Mlino and other. It is a marvellous view to Bled Castle, Bled Island and Karavanken Mountains. In the city part are hotels, parks, Villa Preseren, Cafe Park with famous cream cakes, Mexican restaurant Chilli, Festival Hall Bled, stop for carriage riders and pletnas and other. The Spa Park was created around 1891 ...

Vintgar Gorge

The Vintgar Gorge is situated in the road from the Bled over Spodnje Gorje, Podhom and the small village Vintgar. We can park car before the gorge, there is a big parking place. The Blejski Vintgar Gorge is open from the end of the April till the end of October but it depends on the weather situation. The gorge is open from eight to seven in the afternoon. It was discovered in the year 1891 by photograph Benedikt Lergetporer and Jakob Žumer, mayor of Gorje village and cartographer. For tourist visit the gorge was open in the year 1893. The paths were from that time frequently renovated. The Vintgar Gorg...

Bled - Bled Castle

Bled Castle is a powerful castle on the rock above Lake Bled. According to written sources is one of the oldest castles in Slovenia. Bled Castle is beside Bled island a symbol of Bled and Slovenia. From the castle are wonderful views to the lake with an island, Julian Alps, Karavanke, Lesce, Radovljica and other surroundings. The castle was donated with the deed of donation from Henrik II. to Brixen bishop Adalberon in 1011. The name Bled was in medieval written sources first mentioned in the German form Veldes. In Gorenjska Region Bled Castle was the administrative centre of the Brixen land property. B...

Bled - Bled Island

Bled belongs between the most popular and well attended tourist places in Slovenia. The place is especially known by the island, castle and lake. The Bled Island is a small island, which is situated in the middle of the Lake Bled. On the island you can see the interesting baroque Church of the Assumption. You can go to the Bled island with the traditional boat which is called pletna and is pushed by the steersman. If you wish you can also rent a boat and paddle by yourself. Pletna boat is very well known remarkableness of this place. The history of the boat goes to the 12th century. Pletna is 2 meter wi...

Bled - Straza

Adventure Park Straza is located on the small hill Straza in Bled. From there is a wonderful view to the Lake Bled, Bled Castle, Jelovica and Stol. Park consists of five different adventure routes with 65 different climbing elements. Adventure Park Straza is suitable for children above 120 cm high or at least 4 years old. Park visitors can choose a dificulty level that suits them the best. Before starting the adventure instructor gives the safety instructions, which are then performed under his supervision. There is available the safety equipment, which consists from a seat bealt and carabiners. The rou...

Bled - Cafe Belvedere

Bled is a wonderful place, which is all over the year visited by many tourists from far and near. The Cafe Belvedere is situated on thirty-metre pillars above Lake Bled. It is accessible by footpath around the Lake Bled or from the main road Bled to Bohinj, opposite of Pristava. In both cases you will see table with the sign for the Cafe Belvedere. Before the Cafe Belvedere is enough parking place. From the Cafe Belvedere is the most wonderful view to Bled Island and mountains in the background. Lake Bled is before you just like in the palm of your hand. The Cafe Belvedere is surrounded of the Vila Bled...

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