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Lake Bloke, also the Lake Volcje, is an artificial lake on the Bloke Plateau. It is located near the village Volcje and it is filled with the waters of the Bloscica stream. The Lake Bloke is a popular place for walkers, hikers, bikers and motorcyclists.
Glamping Lake Bloke measures about 5000 square meters. Upon entering the Park Idila, two forest men kindly welcomes guests. The park is rich in various wooden sculptures, which are made of selected oak wood. There are three small houses, three large houses and two Krpan's rooms in the Glamping Lake Bloke. In rooms and houses are beds and mattresses, electric sockets, light and bed linen. Each house has a table and a bench and an outside light. Guests with their own tents are welcome. There are also available common beds. Guests can use common toilets, common kitchen, possibility to use the firebox, free open Wi-Fi at the reception, liquid drinking water for dishwashing and washing, play in the park, deckchairs and hammocks. Near the Lake Bloke is the Brunarica snack bar. It has about 200 seats, of which 50 are under the roof. They serve cold and hot drinks. In the season, they also offer an ice-cream. The menu includes local dishes (cabbage soup, stews and other) and grilled dishes. They also offer a place to rent for a picnic for organized groups. For children there are available unique wooden playgrounds. In the tourist offer is also the guidance on Bloke.
They organize trips around the Bloke with a local guide, picnic by the Lake Bloke, hike along the Krpan trail (partly or whole), tasting local dishes and other. The programe can be adjusted to guests needs and wishes.


Park Idila - Road between Lake Bloke and Park Idila

Photo: 2900225-0

Road between Lake Bloke and Park Idila
Park Idila - Two forest men

Photo: 2900225-1

Two forest men
Park Idila - View back of Lake Bloke

Photo: 2900225-2

View back of Lake Bloke
Park Idila - Path to the first wooden cabin

Photo: 2900225-3

Path to the first wooden cabin
Park Idila - Wooden cabin

Photo: 2900225-4

Wooden cabin
Park Idila - Glamping

Photo: 2900225-5

Park Idila - Park Idila

Photo: 2900225-6

Park Idila
Park Idila - Park Idila is working from april to october (november)

Photo: 2900225-7

Park Idila is working from april to october (november)
Park Idila - Lake Bloke - Park Idila

Photo: 2900225-8

Lake Bloke - Park Idila
Park Idila - Park Idila - Receptionm

Photo: 2900225-9

Park Idila - Receptionm
Park Idila - Benches at reception

Photo: 2900225-10

Benches at reception
Park Idila - Toilets and showers

Photo: 2900225-11

Toilets and showers
Park Idila - Wooden sculptures

Photo: 2900225-12

Wooden sculptures
Park Idila - Bear with young bear

Photo: 2900225-13

Bear with young bear
Park Idila - Bear

Photo: 2900225-14

Park Idila - View back to the reception and first three wooden cabins

Photo: 2900225-15

View back to the reception and first three wooden cabins
Park Idila - Park Idila - Upper part

Photo: 2900225-16

Park Idila - Upper part
Park Idila - Larger cabin with dormitory

Photo: 2900225-17

Larger cabin with dormitory
Park Idila - Upper wooden cabins

Photo: 2900225-18

Upper wooden cabins
Park Idila - Idyllic rubbish

Photo: 2900225-19

Idyllic rubbish
Park Idila - Wooden bench

Photo: 2900225-20

Wooden bench
Park Idila - Throne

Photo: 2900225-21

Park Idila - Inscription on throne

Photo: 2900225-22

Inscription on throne
Park Idila - Wooden bed

Photo: 2900225-23

Wooden bed
Park Idila - Bear on motorbike

Photo: 2900225-24

Bear on motorbike

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