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Bohinjska Bistrica - Ceconi
Upper CarniolaBohinjska Bistrica - Ceconi

Bohinjska Bistrica - Ceconi's Park 

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Bohinjska Bistrica is the largest village in the Bohinj valley and seat of the community. It is situated between hills Ajdovski gradec and Dobrava and between brooks Bistrica and Belica. In Bohinjska Bistrica are railway tunnel, sports hall, open playground for tennis, football playground, elementary school, bus station, museum, restaurants, shops, private hotels, hotel, health service, local office, tourist informative centre, fire station, monument in memory of Second World War, Zois Manor with Tower Clock, First World War Military Cemetery, the Church of Saint Nicholas, ski center Kobla and other. Next to the Aquapark Bohinj is located interesting and beautifully arranged Ceconi’s Park. Ceconi’s Park got the name by the Giacomo Ceconi, who was born in the north east Italy. He was the mason’s worker and successful entrepreneur. He contributed a great deal to the development of his birthplace Pielungo. Austria-Hungary and the Kingdom of Italy bestowed a noble title on him in recognition of his great service. His company took on the building of the Bohinj Tunnel, his last great work, in May 1902 and completed it in March 1905. From Bohinj, Count Ceconi set off for Pielungo, where he had a castle. Even after retirement he continued to work for the development of his birthplace. The present day park is the only surviving remnant of the building complex built by the Ceconi company and the state to accommodate the contractor and his family, company officials and state inspectors. The buildings were demolished in the 1980s. The project of the Ceconi’s Park is the work of Mimi Zvab. We can walk between the small gardens and enjoy in views to the wonderful flowers. The park is also intended for wedding ceremonies and cultural activities. It lies by the western bank of the brook Belca.


Ceconi's Park - Bohinjska Bistrica - Ceconi's Park

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Bohinjska Bistrica - Ceconi's Park
Ceconi's Park - Ceconi's Park

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Ceconi's Park
Ceconi's Park - Man with umbrella

Photo: 342-2

Man with umbrella
Ceconi's Park - Ceconi's Park near Water park Bohinj

Photo: 342-3

Ceconi's Park near Water park Bohinj
Ceconi's Park - Flowers and pavilion

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Flowers and pavilion
Ceconi's Park - Pavilion in Ceconi's Park

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Pavilion in Ceconi's Park
Ceconi's Park - Ceconi's Park in Bohinjska Bistrica

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Ceconi's Park in Bohinjska Bistrica
Ceconi's Park - Path around Ceconi's Park

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Path around Ceconi's Park
Ceconi's Park - View of Ceconi's Park near brook Belca

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View of Ceconi's Park near brook Belca
Ceconi's Park - View of Ceconi's Park

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View of Ceconi's Park
Ceconi's Park - Small pond

Photo: 342-10

Small pond
Ceconi's Park - Pond and wooden bridge

Photo: 342-11

Pond and wooden bridge
Ceconi's Park - Benches around tree

Photo: 342-12

Benches around tree
Ceconi's Park - American plane tree

Photo: 342-13

American plane tree
Ceconi's Park - Brook Belca

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Brook Belca

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Municipality: BOHINJ (5125 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Bohinjska Bistrica (1763 population), Stara Fužina (559), Srednja vas v Bohinju (496), Bohinjska Češnjica (338), Koprivnik v Bohinju (224),

Kamnje (198), Jereka (188), Polje (166), Nomenj (162), Ribčev Laz (159), Gorjuše (147), Nemški Rovt (117), Studor v Bohinju (116), Brod (89), Podjelje (79), Bitnje (72), Savica (57), Ukanc (48), Laški Rovt (41), Ravne v Bohinju (40), Lepence (37), Log v Bohinju (12), Žlan (9), Goreljek (8)