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Botanic garden Pivola - Botanični vrt Pivola - rondo rozarij
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Botanic garden Pivola

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Botanical garden Pivola is located in Hoce near the city of Maribor. It is the part of University of Maribor, Faculty of Agriculture and life sciences, which became its user in the year 1994. From the year 2000 to 2001 was made a great amount of work at the garden, which was at beginning just the agriculture property. Botanical garden shows the native and foreign flora, especially some floral rarities of the Pohorje Mt and of the other parts of Northeastern Slovenia. The gardeni is at the same time a scientific and research institution, open for the public. Botanical garden Pivola has mixed woods, rose garden, collections of ornamental shrubs and trees, rock garden, irises, hemerocalis and water habitats, foliage plants, brook and soak system, Celtic mounds, three compost heaps, systematic area, horticultural and fruit plantation, experimental area, seed bank, origin of the drinkable water, forestry, geological, archaeological displays and many other things. There are also resting places with benches and tables or you can freshen up in a small tavern. The sources of the fresh water are disposed equable by the garden. The Botanical garden Pivola was officially opened on 24th May, 2002, on the European Day of Parks. Since then it welcomes visitors every year between April and November.


Botanic garden Pivola - Botanic Garden Pivola - rondo of rosary

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Botanic Garden Pivola - rondo of rosary
Botanic garden Pivola - Park of different sorts of plants

Photo: 3260-1

Park of different sorts of plants
Botanic garden Pivola - Small pond in Botanic Garden Pivola at Maribor

Photo: 3260-2

Small pond in Botanic Garden Pivola at Maribor
Botanic garden Pivola - View of Pohorski dvor at the back

Photo: 3260-3

View of Pohorski dvor at the back
Botanic garden Pivola - The way around botanic garden

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The way around botanic garden
Botanic garden Pivola - Conifers

Photo: 3260-5

Botanic garden Pivola - Sequoia

Photo: 3260-6

Botanic garden Pivola - Fir tree

Photo: 3260-7

Fir tree
Botanic garden Pivola - Roses

Photo: 3260-8

Botanic garden Pivola - Flowers

Photo: 3260-9

Botanic garden Pivola - One of the many sorts of flowers in Botanic Garden Pivola

Photo: 3260-10

One of the many sorts of flowers in Botanic Garden Pivola
Botanic garden Pivola - Still not open flowers

Photo: 3260-11

Still not open flowers

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