Celje - Right bank of river Savinja - Heraklejevo svetišče
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Celje - Right bank of river Savinja

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Celje is situated at the confluence of the river Voglajna and river Savinja. It is the third largest town in Slovenia. On the right bank of the river Savinja are the St. Cecilia's Church and Capuchin monastery, City Park, Heracles Temple, Miklavski hrib, Anski vrh and Petricek. Petricek is a smaller hill which can be reached by foot or by car. It used to be organized concerts, picnics, sporting plays, etc. at Petricek but today restaurant and the playground are abandoned. Sometimes were here organized concerts, picnics, sporting plays and other, but today are the restaurant and the playground in ruins. The St. Cecilia's Church and the monastery are the easiest way to access by 90 covered stairs. The church was consecrated in the year 1615. The Sain Cecilia was the patron of music. We can come to the park across the bridge over river Savinja from the old town centre. Next to the City Park is a parking place. In the park are promenades and we can take rest on the benches and enjoy in the beautiful surrounding. There is playground for children. The Heracles Temple lies on the Sadnik Garden uder the Miklavski hrib (Nicholas Hill). It is rather hidden, so we have to be more careful when we look for it. Today it is preserved only one column in the Heracles Temple, otherwise we can see only ruins of the temple. We can come to the 400 metres high Miklavski hrib (Miklavski hill) from the direction of Polule or the road from the town Celje, which goes above the City Park. It is hard to miss the path to the top, because there are lots of information boards. On the top of the Miklavski hrib is the church of St. Nicholas and belvedere.


Right bank of river Savinja - Miklavski hrib (Nicholas Hill) <br> St. Nicholas's Church

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Miklavski hrib (Nicho...

St. Nicholas's Church
Right bank of river Savinja - Miklavski hrib (Nicholas Hill) <br> View of Celje

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Right bank of river Savinja - Heracles Temple

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Right bank of river Savinja - City Park

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Municipality: CELJE (49377 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Celje (37959 population), Trnovlje pri Celju (1374), Ljubečna (1083), Zadobrova (871), Lopata (662),

Košnica pri Celju (574), Gorica pri Šmartnem (524), Škofja vas (516), Bukovžlak (393), Prekorje (378), Začret (352), Teharje (327), Medlog (322), Lokrovec (311), Zvodno (277), Pečovnik (271), Šmartno v Rožni dolini (249), Brezova (243), Vrhe (243), Slatina v Rožni dolini (232), Dobrova (215), Šmiklavž pri Škofji vasi (211), Šmarjeta pri Celju (204), Leskovec (203), Šentjungert (155), Rožni Vrh (150), Loče (124), Lahovna (122), Otemna (119), Žepina (105), Osenca (97), Pepelno (96), Rupe (87), Slance (77), Tremerje (68), Jezerce pri Šmartnem (65), Glinsko (41), Lipovec pri Škofji vasi (40), Runtole (37)