Cerknica, Bloke and Loska dolina with neighbourhood - Cerkniško jezero
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Cerknica, Bloke and Loska dolina with neighbourhood

Where is Cerknica, Bloke and Loska dolina with neighbourhood?

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Rakov Skocjan - Little Natural Bridge

Rakov Skocjan is 6 kilometres long Karst valley of the brook Rak with water and dry caves, sinks, springs and sinkholes. The greatest specialities are Little Natural Bridge, Big Natural Bridge and the ruins of St. Kancijan Church. The valley with the surface 110 hectares is protected from the year 1949. It is allowed the visit of the remarkablenesses and peaceful relaxation in nature, but making fire is permitted only on fixed places. Eastern side of Rakov Skocjan is the Karst most divided part of the valley. Here under the land flows the river Rak and part of the waters from Cerknica lake. Immense land...

Sneznik Castle

Sneznik Castle is the best preserved castle in Notranjska region. It is located under the mountain Sneznik near the place Kozarisce. The castle is built on a rock at the source of the Brezno Spring and the Obrh. Below the castle is the spring dammed into a large pond. In sources the Sneznik Castle was first mentioned in the year 1268 as the hunting post. The formation of the present castle goes to the year 1462. First owners were the Aquileian Patriarchs and later the owners changed several times. Before the war it was the property of the family Schönburg from the vicinity of Dresden. Sneznik Castle is ...

Rakov Skocjan - Big Natural Bridge

Rakov Skocjan is the Karst valley of the brook Rak. The Big Natural Bridge is the remainder of the cave roof from the distant past, when the entire stream of the water was under the land. The central part of the valley, where the sank began, is the oldest. In the original and sinkhole part is the melting of the rocky stratums continuing. The bridge is built from beautifully stratified limestone, which was taking shape in the bottom of the former sea more than 100 million years ago. The strong tectonic powers lifted this stratums and juted them out. The lower, mechanically crushed part of the fault water...

Rakov Skocjan - Tkalca Cave

Tkalca Cave is the sink cave of the brook Rak and with that the natural conclusion of the valley. Here goes the river into underworld in which pours out after 3 kilometres into Pivka in the confluence of the Planina cave. Its name the cave got after the interesting column formation. This represents after the old folk believe the weaver who was for punishment, because he worked for holiday, changed into the stone. From the large entrance hall, which is illuminated from the direction of flowing the brook Rak and through the lateral sink, is along stream continuing 400 metres long dark tunnel and ends with...

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