Cojzova koca na Kokrskem sedlu Mountain Hut - Cojzova koča na Kokrškem sedlu
Central SloveniaCojzova koca na Kokrskem sedlu Mountain Hut

Cojzova koca na Kokrskem sedlu Mountain Hut 

Where is Cojzova koca na Kokrskem sedlu Mountain Hut?

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Velika Planina

Velika Planina is the high mountain plateau located in the foothills of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, where the best preserved herdsmen settlement in Europe is located. The fastest and most common access is by cable car from Kamniska Bistrica, where parking is located. When you arrive at the top, it is possible to us a chair lift that will convey you to the Gradisce. A little further on, one can see the wonderful view of the herdsman settlement. On the other side are the high mountain peaks of Grintavec, Skuta, Brana, Ojstrica, Planjava, Lucka Baba, and Kamnik saddle. There are about 140 cottages on the plat...

Arboretum Volcji Potok

Volcji Potok Arboretum is located near Kamnik. The word arboretum means the collection of the trees and bushes, which is designed for education and researching. In the base the Arboretum is the botanic garden for woody plants and it is the only one in Slovenia. In the earlier centuries was the mansion property, but from the year 1882 was in the property of the Ferdinand Souvan and later of his son. He arranged the park with ponds and plantation of the exotic trees. The park is also called the Souvan park. The manor was between the Second World War destroyed by the fire. From the year 1952 the park is al...

Kamnik - Old Town Centre

Kamnik has an interesting old town centre. The central part of the old town centre is the Mali grad (Small Castle) around which are situated the following squares and streets: Glavni trg, Samostanska ulica, Sutna, Sadnikarjeva ulica, Trg svobode, Prešernova ulica, Maistrova ulica, Franciskanski trg etc. On the Glavni trg are situated the Gallery of Miha Males, Tourist information centre, the Coffeehouse Veronika, where are taking place cultural and entertainment events, the stony fountain, which is the work of the sculptor Leon Homar etc. At the end of the Glavni trg is the statue of general Rudolf Mais...

Dom v Kamniški Bistrici and Bistrica Spring

The Kamniska Bistrica mountain hut is located at the upper end of the Kamniška Bistrica valley and lies 13 kilometres from Kamnik. Several karstic springs of the river Bistrica flow nearby, which empty into a wonderful green lake. You can find two small donkeys, who love to be photographed and are an attraction for the children. You can also discover a playground and the beautiful renovated chapel of Lurska Marija. Originally, this was a hut converted from the Turistovska home in May 1909. This mountain hut has had its present form since 5 May 1929. After the Second World War it was managed by the Ljubl...

Castle of Zaprice

The Castle of Zaprice is one of the biggest cultural sights in Kamnik. It is situated on the small hill above the town and there were two castles already in that place in the past. The Castle of Zaprice was built by aristocratic family Dienger von Apecz. In the first half of the 16th century was renovated by Jurij Lamberg. The primary medieval castle was surrounded with walls with two towers and corner balconies. In Vajkard Valvasor famous book The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola from the year 1689 we can still see the renaissance appearance of the Castle of Zaprice. In the castle were meetings of local ...

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