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Domzale - Domžale - Ljubljanska cesta
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Domzale is a town, which belongs to the Municipality of Domzale. It is located in Ljubljana basin, on the right bank of Kamniska Bistrica River. Nearby towns are Kamnik, Kranj and Ljubljana. The place was already inhabited in prehistory. The oldest written sources about the settlement are from the 12th century. Domzale began to develop rapidly because of the water energy of Kamniska Bistrica River, local railway line and good traffic road Dunaj – Trieste. In the second half of the 19th century the city had the largest expansion with the development of the straw-hat. Domzale became a town in 1952. A centre was at that time divided into Upper and Lower Domzale. They become well known as an industrial place with textile and chemical industry. Beside industry it also started to develop a trade industry. Around 1980 they built many skyscrapers and blocks, which have replaced the old appearance of village houses. Domzale lost the status of the municipality in 1991, when Slovenia became independent. Domzale are famous as a sport city. They have an athletic club, football club and basketball club. In the city they have a restaurant, cafes, sweetshop, library, shopping centre, medical centre, post office, cultural home, a Church of the Mary's Assumption and other. In the nearness of the city is well known Arboretum Volcji Potok.


Domzale - Ljubljanska cesta (Ljubljana Street) <br> Pharmacy

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Domzale - Ljubljanska cesta (Ljubljana Street) <br> Franc Bernik Culture House and Music School Domzale

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Ljubljanska cesta (Lj...

Franc Bernik Culture House and Music School D...
Domzale - Ljubljanska cesta (Ljubljana Street) <br> Municipality building and Administrative unit Domzale

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Ljubljanska cesta (Lj...

Municipality building and Administrative unit...
Domzale - Ljubljanska cesta (Ljubljana Street) <br> Monument for the National Liberation War

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Ljubljanska cesta (Lj...

Monument for the National Liberation War
Domzale - Ljubljanska cesta (Ljubljana Street) <br> Komunalni center Hall Domzale

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Ljubljanska cesta (Lj...

Komunalni center Hall Domzale
Domzale - Ljubljanska cesta (Ljubljana Street) <br> Health centre Domzale

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Ljubljanska cesta (Lj...

Health centre Domzale
Domzale - Ljubljanska cesta (Ljubljana Street) <br> Small square at Ljubljana Street

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Ljubljanska cesta (Lj...

Small square at Ljubljana Street
Domzale - Ljubljanska cesta (Ljubljana Street) <br> Railway station

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Ljubljanska cesta (Lj...

Railway station
Domzale - Church of the Mary's Assumption <br> Church in Domzale

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Church of the Mary's ...

Church in Domzale

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Municipality: DOMŽALE (35675 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Domžale (12922 population), Vir (3435), Preserje pri Radomljah (1822), Radomlje (1690), Dob (1619),

Dragomelj (884), Homec (869), Rodica (846), Krtina (829), Ihan (812), Srednje Jarše (796), Zaboršt (793), Spodnje Jarše (719), Prelog (699), Nožice (600), Depala vas (503), Rova (477), Pšata (423), Podrečje (419), Količevo (370), Zgornje Jarše (353), Škrjančevo (325), Selo pri Ihanu (315), Turnše (270), Goričica pri Ihanu (256), Žeje (254), Bišče (244), Hudo (221), Mala Loka (196), Gorjuša (184), Češenik (156), Sv. Trojica (154), Brezje pri Dobu (129), Kokošnje (113), Škocjan (107), Račni Vrh (106), Brdo (99), Zalog pod Sv. Trojico (98), Šentpavel pri Domžalah (98), Studenec pri Krtini (83), Žiče (62), Brezovica pri Dobu (55), Kolovec (54), Zagorica pri Rovah (43), Dolenje (42), Dobovlje (40), Želodnik (40), Rača (24), Laze pri Domžalah (22), Jasen (5)