Dravograd with neighbourhood - Cerkev sv. Vida v Dravogradu
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Dravograd with neighbourhood

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Dravograd with neighbourhood have many natural and cultural attractions that attract many domestic and foreign visitors. Among them, the town of Dravograd, the Dravograd hydroelectric power plant, Lake Dravograd and Libelice stand out the most.
Dravograd is the geographical center of Carinthia. The town grew in a traffic-important position at the confluence of the Meza, Drava and Mislinja rivers. The Drava river separates the old market settlement of Podgrad under the castle ruins from the newer Meza. They are connected by a picturesque concrete bridge. The city has a varied historical past. Already in ancient times there was a junction of Roman roads from Celeia to Virunum. Dravograd was the most important and largest square in the Drava Valley and in the 12th century one of the five oldest squares in Carinthia. Today, the largest local attractions are the Church of Saint Vitus, the Church of St. John Evangelist, museum collection in the building of the municipality of Dravograd, memorial park and landscape park Kosenjak - Velka. The Church of St. Vitus is a typical Romanesque church with an eastern bell tower. Now it is mainly intended for art and music activities.
It hosts a diverse cultural life, with concerts and exhibitions. The city has two business centers. On the hill above Dravograd are the ruins of the Old Castle from the 12th century. Hydroelectric power plant Dravograd is the first facility of the Drava chain in Slovenia. At the end of World War II, it was badly damaged and the intensive restoration was not completed until 1955, when the third turbine was installed. Lake Dravograd is an accumulation lake on the river Drava. It is an ornithological reserve. About 160 different plant species were found along the lake. The most famous is the reed, which forms extensive reedbeds on the shallows and banks. The entire course of the Drava River is extremely important for the conservation of birds. Libelice is a clustered village on the Libelisko polje along the Slovenian-Austrian border.
The settlement is known for one of the few preserved rotunda ossuaries in Slovenia. Church of Saint Martin was first mentioned in 1106. The ossuary at the church is a multi-storey rotunda with a semicircular apse from the 13th century.

Most Beautiful Trips

Dravograd with neighbourhood - Dravograd <br> St. Vitus Church in Dravograd

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St. Vitus Church in Dravograd
Dravograd with neighbourhood - Dravograd <br> Church of St. John Evangelist

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Church of St. John Evangelist
Dravograd with neighbourhood - Hydroelectric power station and Lake Dravograd <br> Hydroelectric power station Dravograd near Dravograd

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Hydroelectric power s...

Hydroelectric power station Dravograd near Dr...
Dravograd with neighbourhood - Hydroelectric power station and Lake Dravograd <br> Dravograd Lake reservoir

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Hydroelectric power s...

Dravograd Lake reservoir
Dravograd with neighbourhood - Libeliče <br> Ossuary at Libelice

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Ossuary at Libelice
Dravograd with neighbourhood - Libeliče <br> Ossuary and the Church of St. Martin

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Ossuary and the Church of St. Martin
Dravograd with neighbourhood - Libeliče <br> The ethnological collection

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The ethnological collection
Dravograd with neighbourhood - Libeliče <br> Presbytery - museum

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Presbytery - museum
Dravograd with neighbourhood - Libeliče <br> Prajs granary

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Prajs granary

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Municipality: DRAVOGRAD (8799 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Dravograd (3121 population), Otiški Vrh (889), Črneče (650), Šentjanž pri Dravogradu (481), Selovec (480),

Sv. Danijel (470), Bukovska vas (353), Vič (268), Goriški Vrh (241), Trbonje (228), Libeliče (206), Libeliška Gora (173), Dobrova pri Dravogradu (156), Podklanc (149), Gorče (129), Vrata (108), Sv. Duh (105), Tribej (104), Sv. Boštjan (103), Ojstrica (93), Kozji Vrh nad Dravogradom (90), Bukovje (61), Črneška Gora (52), Tolsti Vrh p. R. na K. - del (45), Velka (44)