Dravograd with neighbourhood - Cerkev sv. Vida v Dravogradu
Carinthia - Savinja Region

Dravograd with neighbourhood

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Dravograd is geographical centre of Koroska Region. It lies in the confluence of river Drava with Mislinja and Meza. River Drava divides Dravograd in two banks, connected together with hydroelectric power station and bridges. Dravograd has varied historical past. Ortolf Trusenjaski built in the middle of 12th century in the small hill in the left side of river Drava a castle, under which was standing a small settlement. This is already mentioned in the year 1185 as square Dravograd (Traberch) with the St. Vitus Church, two courts, ferry and tollhouse, because of the nearness of the provincial border. Wh...

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