Upper Carniola - Blejsko jezero
Upper Carniola

Upper Carniola

Bled - Lake Bled
Soriska planina
Dom Planika pod Triglavom Mountain Hut
Pericnik Waterfall
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Upper Carniola
Source: Public information of Slovenia,
The Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia,
State map in measure 1 : 1.000.000, 1995
The Gorenjska Region is situated in the northwestern part of Slovenia. It offers visitors the wonderful natural and cultural heritage. The Gorenjska Region is very diverse because it has Alpine valleys (Planica, Tamar, Vrata), mountains, lakes, bigger and smaller cities, hidden villages, gorges, ravines, waterfalls (Pericnik, Savica, Martuljek Waterfall, Nadiza...). The large part of the Gorenje Region is surrounded with the Julian Alps. The majority of the Julian Alps is part of the Triglav National Park, where is the highest mountain Triglav. It is also the highest peek in Slovenia and Slovenian national symbol of the resistance against Christianization. At the northern part, where Gorenjska borders to Austria, are two mountain ranges: Karavanke and Kamnik Savinja Alps. The small village Jezersko is a starting point for hiking trips to Kamnik Savinja Alps. Gorenjska has many skiing centres, but the largest and the most popular is in Kranjska Gora, which is situated near Italian and Austrian border. The most visited Alp resort is Bled. Bled is known especially by castle, island and the church on it. In the nearness of Bled are worth seeing Pokljuka Gorge and Vintgar Gorge, close is also very tidy Camp Sobec. For many people the Lake Bohinj with its mountain scenery in the backgroud is more beautiful than Bled. The surrounding of the Lake Bohinj offers a lot of natural beautiful places like Savica Waterfall, Vogel, Komna, Vogar, the Voje valley with Mostnica and many others. Near the Lake Bohinj is situated Camp Zlatorog for people who love to sleep in the nature. The Gorenjska Region has many cities with interesting town centres. The most attractive are Kranj and Skofja Loka, which lies west of Ljubljana. Skofja Loka is particularly known of Loka Castle and old city centre. The biggest town in Gorenjska Region is Kranj. It is an economical, mercantile, transport, educational and cultural centre. The old city centre was in the year 1983 announced as cultural and historical monument. In Kranj also lived the greatest Slovenian poet, France Preseren. Trzic and Radovljica are the smaller towns, but they also have interesting old town centres. Radovljica is famous by Apiculture Museum. All year around in Radovljica are organized music festivals. Begunje are well-known after manor Katzenstein, Kamen Castle, factory of ski Elan, Draga valley and ensemble brothers Avsenik, which were born in Begunje and also have here family run restaurant Pri Jozovcu and small museum collection. Brezje in Gorenjska is famous as a pilgrimage place of Slovenian Cristians. Town Jesenice is situated in the narrow valley between Karavanke to the north and Mezakla to the south. City has developed in close connection with ironworks.


Most Beautiful Trips

Upper Carniola - Kranj

Photo: 108-0

Upper Carniola - Brdo Estate <br> Castle Brdo

Photo: 131-0

Brdo Estate

Castle Brdo

Upper Carniola - Vintgar Gorge

Photo: 156-0

Upper Carniola - Bled Castle <br> Karavanken Mountains

Photo: 179-14

Bled Castle

Karavanken Mountains
Upper Carniola - Bled Castle

Photo: 181-0

Upper Carniola - Lake Bled

Photo: 192-0

Upper Carniola - Martuljek Waterfalls <br> Upper Martuljek Waterfall

Photo: 210-0

Martuljek Waterfalls

Upper Martuljek Waterfall
Upper Carniola - Pec mountain <br> Wonderfull view of Julian Alps, Planica, Tamar

Photo: 218-3

Pec mountain

Wonderfull view of Julian Alps, Planica, Tama...
Upper Carniola - Kranjska Gora

Photo: 223-0

Upper Carniola - Triglav

Photo: 230-0

Upper Carniola - Pericnik Waterfall

Photo: 243-0

Upper Carniola - Zelenica

Photo: 260-0

Upper Carniola - Pec <br> Lake Bohinj

Photo: 306-0


Lake Bohinj
Upper Carniola - Savica Waterfall

Photo: 309-0

Upper Carniola - Visevnik

Photo: 310-0

Upper Carniola - Mostnica Gorge

Photo: 322-0

Upper Carniola - Lake Bohinj

Photo: 339-0

Upper Carniola - Bohinjska Bistrica <br> Bohinj Aquapark

Photo: 345-5

Bohinjska Bistrica

Bohinj Aquapark

Upper Carniola - Loka Castle <br> Loka Castle in Skofja Loka

Photo: 352-0

Loka Castle

Loka Castle in Skofja Loka
Upper Carniola - Plansar Lake (The Pasture Lake) <br> Lake Planšarsko jezero

Photo: 412-0

Plansar Lake (The Pas...

Lake Planšarsko jezero
Upper Carniola - Castle Kamen

Photo: 453-0

Upper Carniola - Brezje <br> Basilica of the Virgin Mary and Holy family sculpture in Brezje

Photo: 460-0


Basilica of the Virgin Mary and Holy family s...
Upper Carniola - Kropa

Photo: 465-0

Upper Carniola - Radovljica <br> Old Town Centre

Photo: 471-0

Upper Carniola - Camp Sobec

Photo: 490-0

Upper Carniola - Krvavec <br> Zvoh

Photo: 616-0



Upper Carniola - Strmol Castle

Photo: 630-0

Upper Carniola - Debela pec

Photo: 160020-2

Upper Carniola - Triglav North Face

Photo: 200001-0

Upper Carniola - Krnica

Photo: 200150-0

Upper Carniola - Slovenian Alpine Museum

Photo: 200320-1

Upper Carniola - Lake Jasna <br> Ibex Statue

Photo: 200700-1

Lake Jasna

Ibex Statue

Upper Carniola - Planica Nordic Centre

Photo: 220100-0

Upper Carniola - Pokljuka <br> Uskovnica

Photo: 300130-0



Most Beautiful Trips - Upper Carniola

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