Gorizia Region - Velika korita Soče
Gorizia Region

Gorizia Region

Where is Gorizia Region?

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Most Beautiful Trips

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Road to Mangart Saddle

Mangart is 2679 meters high mountain in Julian Alps. It is the fourth highest mountain in Slovenia. It lies on the border with Italy, so it attracts many mountaineers from both countries. We can come to Mangart Saddle from different directions: from direction Lake Predil (Trieste), from direction Trenta (Vrsic) or from direction Bovec. Branch for the road to Mangart Saddle is in the nearness of the new viaduct, which is situated on the way between border crossing Predel and Log pod Mangartom. The old military road drives us to Mangart Saddle, which lies 2055 meters above sea level and it is a starting p...

Tolmin Gorge

Tolmin is the central point of the Tolmin landscape. It is situated on the balcony between rivers Tolminka and Soca. The city was between first world war, when in the nearness were taking place Soca fronts, very much demolished. In this place are the most remarkable river beds of Tolminka and Zadlascica. Tolmin river beds are the most southern entrance point to Triglav National Park, which is the only Slovenian national park. The road goes from Tolmin and one kilometre to Zatolmin. Tolmin gorge is the most important natural remarkableness. Tourist paths were built from the years 1953 to 1958. They go al...

Idrija - Old Town Centre

In the old town centre we can see the St. Ahacij Square with the baroque fountain, where was discovered rich mercury ore, mining theatre and mining magazine, Town Hall and Lace School Idrija in the Town Square, Franciska's Shaft, Church of the Holy Trinity, first Secondary School, Scopoli's House, who was the first Idrija's medicine doctor, Miner's House, chapel, public aquarium and much more. Old town centre Idrija has beside the oldest St. Ahacij Square, newest Town Square, also the Scopoli Square and Aumeski Square, which is named by the French cist Aumetz, which is twinned with Idrija. Lace School I...

Source of the River Soca

Source of the river Soca in situated in the Trenta valley (Zadnja Trenta). It belongs under community of Bovec. Under the first world war was valley the scene of a lot of battles. River Soca is 137 kilometres long river in north Italy and west Slovenia. It is also named Emerald River because of its wonderful crystal green colour. To visit the source of the river is best to begin in market path from Hut by source Soca which is the mountain post in Trenta. It is most easier approachable from the local road over mountain pass Vrsic. The hut was in the year 1953 reorganized from military building and was la...

Javorca-Memorial Church of the Holy Spirit

The most beautiful World War I monument is a wooden shrine that rises high above the Tolminka riverbed – the memorial church of the Holy Spirit in Javorca. The church in the walley of Polog was built by Austrian soldiers in 1916, to the design of the Austrian architect Remgius Geyling. The outside of the church is decorated with stylised coats-of-arms of all the monarchies and lands of Austria-Hungary. The interior is classic art nouveau, adorned with colourful decorations. The idea of a memorial church is communicated through engraved oak plaques bearing the names of all the Austro-Hungarian soldiers...

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