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Otocec Castle - Grad Otočec
Southeast SloveniaOtocec Castle

Otocec Castle 

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Otocec Castle

The Otocec Castle is situated near the city Novo mesto in Dolenjska. It is the only water castle in Slovenia and it stands on one of the island of the Krka River. Its image was formed through the centuries. The beginning of the castle goes back to the 13 th century, in the year 1252. The name Otocec originates from the Freizing bishops. The owners of the castle were named knights from the island – de Werde or islander. In the minddle of the 14 th century the building was widened and it got the ground plan of the letter L. The Castle Otocec was additional strengthened after the Turks devastation in the y...

Novo mesto - Breg

Novo mesto is the capital city of Dolenjska Region. The city lies in the curve of the river Krka. The old city kernel is located in the rocky limy peninsula. Between them are three piers. In the middle pier, which is the most expressive, stands the city, the other ones are owergrown with the wood. In the west is Portvald and in the east is Ragov log, which is from the year 1955 connected with the left bank of the river Krka over the wooden footbridge. The highest hill in the peninsula is the Kapitelj hill, which sweeps steep in the southwest to the river of Krka. Here is the most famous rocky Novomesto ...