Hrusica - Archaeological Park Ad Pirum - Arheološki park Ad Pirum
Gorizia RegionHrusica - Archaeological Park Ad Pirum

Hrusica - Archaeological Park Ad Pirum 

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Source of Hubelj

The source of Hubelj is located about three kilometers from Ajdovscina. The Hubelj River boils daily from numerous holes in the Karst underground that are more or less accessible. The source is especially interesting with the high water that falls from the higher vault in the mighty waterfalls. View of the splashed water as the drops come from an altitude of about 240 meters to the bridge, which is 40 feet lower, is wonderful. The waters from the underground flow through three caves, which are the Spider Network, the Great Hubel Cuisine and the Eastern Hubel Cave. During the dry season, about 400 trenc...

Vipavski Kriz

The Vipavski Kriz is a picturesque village situated on a hill in the middle of the Vipava Valley. The Kriz is one of the most valuable and important monuments of cultural heritage, which is also under monumental protection. The original prehistoric settlement was first mentioned in written sources in 1252, and the place flourished after 1532, when it got city rights. It was encircled by the walls of the Counts of Gorizia in 1482. The area of the village can be divided into three parts, which are Plac, Gase and the Grad. The Gase is the oldest part of the village and has narrow streets with one and two s...

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