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Izola - Marina 

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Izola is a wonderful old town in the Slovenian coast. The marina Izola is located in the margin of the city and it offers guests everything what makes life comfortable in the land and in the sea. You can use service areas and green spaces, covered and uncovered parking places, large piers, agencies selling used and new sailing boats and renting vessels (charter) and many other things. In the immeditate vicinity there are an outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, a commercial centre, casino, a bar, restaurants and a shop with nautical equipment. The marina Izola has 620 berths for vessels up to 30 meters long, and it is equipped with electricity (220 V and 380 V) and water, stainless steel bollards and concrete berths. The marina is equipped with a travel lift (50t) for lifting and launching vessels, navigation devices, dyeing, plastics, steel and wood workshops, a mast lift, workshop service facilities for engines. In the centre of the marine there is the residental facility Amfora with the marina administration, restaurants, reception, shops, apartments and a parking garage. They also offer a multipurpose room, which is equipped with audio – video equipment and accepts about a one hundred people. It is suitable for lectures, exhibitions, conferences, social meetings, publishing presentations many other. In the nearness are situated the hotel Delfina and the famous sailing club Burja. The main advantage of the marina Izola is the safety, because it is protected before winds and other bad weather occasions with two large windbreak.



Marina - Marina Izola

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Marina Izola
Marina - Table - Marina Izola

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Table - Marina Izola
Marina - Parking place in front of Marina Izola

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Parking place in front of Marina Izola
Marina - Promenade near marina

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Promenade near marina
Marina - Path near Marina Izola

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Path near Marina Izola
Marina - Tourist port Marina Izola

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Tourist port Marina Izola
Marina - A lot of yachts and sailing boats in Marina Izola

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A lot of yachts and sailing boats in Marina Izola
Marina - Reception

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Marina - Restaurant Mediterraneo

Photo: 2571-8

Restaurant Mediterraneo
Marina - Hotel Delfin in background

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Hotel Delfin in background
Marina - Yacht in Marina Izola

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Yacht in Marina Izola
Marina - Lift

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Marina - Sailing boats under repair

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Sailing boats under repair
Marina - Jadralni klub Burja (Sailing club Burja)

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Jadralni klub Burja (Sailing club Burja)
Marina - View of sailing boats

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View of sailing boats
Marina - View of old city centre from Marina Izola

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View of old city centre from Marina Izola

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Municipality: IZOLA (16015 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Izola (11353 population), Jagodje (2146), Korte (824), Šared (605), Malija (478),

Dobrava (250), Cetore (143), Baredi (143), Nožed (73)