Southeast Slovenia - Parkirišče
Southeast Slovenia

Southeast Slovenia

Sentrupert - St. Rupert's Church
Sevnica Castle
Sevnica Castle - Castle Halls, Collections, Galleries
Metlika - Metlika Castle
Sevnica - Lutheran Cellar
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Southeast Slovenia
Source: Public information of Slovenia,
The Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia,
State map in measure 1 : 1.000.000, 1995
The southeastern region is the largest Slovenian region. The Dolenjska region stretches from Posavje to Bela krajina. It includes 21 municipalities, including the municipality of Novo mesto.
The region is characterized by winegrowing districts, covered with castles that swell the magnificent Krka and Kolpa. The region has suffered most in history in the 15th and 16th centuries, when the Turkish incursions took place. The first attack was described by Janez Vajkard Valvasor and is expected to occur on October 9, 1408. Southeastern Slovenia was in the second world war occupied by the Italians. Economically, the region is very strong, since it was in 2014 in third place by GDP per capita. The strongest are the automotive and pharmaceutical industries. The largest and one of the oldest cities is Novo mesto, which was founded in 1365. Today it is administrative, cultural and economic center of Dolenjska. The largest attractions in the city are the Dolenjska Museum, the Cathedral Church of Saint Miklavz, which is the oldest building in the city with a valuable painting by Renaissance painter Tintoretto.
Visits to the Krka river basin, monasteries and wine-growing hills are recommended in the area. Otocec Castle is the only water castle in Slovenia and lies on the island of the Krka River. The following locations in the South-East region are also interesting: Sevnica is the most recognizable by the castle, which overlooks the city. The wood and textile industry employs a larger population. Krsko is the seat of the only nuclear power plan and it is also the only town that is ecclesiastically divided into two dioceses (Celje and Novo mesto). Brezice has a rather turbulent history associated with Turkish invasions, plagues and floods. The city symbol is a water tower from 1914, which, in addition to the tower in Kranj, is the only example of this type in Slovenia. Terme Catez is located near Brezic, and Mokrice Castle is even closer to the border with Croatia. Zuzemberk is a beautiful town by the river Krka, where there is a beautiful swimming pool and you can admire the tufa thresholds. Zuzemberk Castle was bombed during the war and is now being rebuilt.
Smarjeske Toplice is part of Terme Krka. Their specialty is cardiovascular rehabilitation. The pulse of Metlika, similar to Crnomelj, is determined in the summer months by tourists who spend their holidays on the Kolpa. A DC-3 aircraft was deployed nearby, bringing equipment and transporting the wounded during World War II. Camps Primostek and Podzemelj conjure up the spirit of Tom Sawyer, where the boys jumped from trees into the river. Crnomelj and the proximity of the river Kolpa, especially in the summer months, attract a lot of tourists who want to go boating or swimming. Nearby is also the Lahinja Landscape Park, which covers the area in the headwaters of the upper course of the Lahinja River. The first mention of Ribnica dates back to 1220. The town is best known for its annual fair of dry goods and pottery. The municipality is covered by extensive forests. Kocevje has a slightly mystical touch due to its extreme location and the huge forests that surround it. In the past, these places suffered from Turkish invasions, and during World War II, partisans hid in these vast forests.
Today, the proximity of the Kolpa River is a strong tourist magnet. Kostel Castle had a strategic position when it guarded the passage to Croatia. Zeljnske jame with its natural windows is a wonderful excursion point.

Most Beautiful Trips

Southeast Slovenia - Otocec Castle

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Southeast Slovenia - Baza 20 (Base 20)

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Southeast Slovenia - Novo mesto <br> The Breg area of Novo mesto

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Novo mesto

The Breg area of Novo mesto
Southeast Slovenia - Novo mesto <br> The Capital Church of St. Nicholas

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Novo mesto

The Capital Church of St. Nicholas
Southeast Slovenia - Rosalnice <br> Tri fare pilgrimage in Rosalnice

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Tri fare pilgrimage in Rosalnice
Southeast Slovenia - Metlika <br> Metlika Castle

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Southeast Slovenia - The Source of the Krupa River <br> The Source of River Krupa near Semic

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The Source of the Kru...

The Source of River Krupa near Semic
Southeast Slovenia - Kostanjevica Cave

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Southeast Slovenia - Kostanjevica na Krki

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Southeast Slovenia - Kostanjevica Castle <br> The Kostanjevica Castle - Bozidar Jakac Gallery

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Kostanjevica Castle

The Kostanjevica Castle - Bozidar Jakac Galle...
Southeast Slovenia - Soteska Manor and Hudicev turn <br> Hudicev turn Garden Pavilion

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Soteska Manor and Hud...

Hudicev turn Garden Pavilion
Southeast Slovenia - Zuzemberk <br> Zuzemberk Castle

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Southeast Slovenia - Crnomelj <br> The old town centre of Crnomelj

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The old town centre of Crnomelj
Southeast Slovenia - Mitra Temple (Mitrej) above Rozanc <br> Mitra Temple (Mitrej) above Rozanec

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Mitra Temple (Mitrej)...

Mitra Temple (Mitrej) above Rozanec
Southeast Slovenia - Walking Trail: Damelj-Radenci <br> Kolpa River

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Southeast Slovenia - Kocevje

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Southeast Slovenia - Caves of Zeljne

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Southeast Slovenia - Kostel Castle

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Southeast Slovenia - Ribnica <br> River Bistrica - Gallus Quay

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Southeast Slovenia - Castle Mokrice

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Southeast Slovenia - Terme Catez <br> Summer Thermal Riviera

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Southeast Slovenia - Castle Bizeljsko (Wisell) <br> Castle Bizeljsko

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Castle Bizeljsko (Wis...

Castle Bizeljsko
Southeast Slovenia - Castle Brezice

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Southeast Slovenia - Posavski Museum <br> The Knights' Hall

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Posavski Museum

The Knights' Hall

Southeast Slovenia - Krsko <br> City Park with a view of Valvasor's Library

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City Park with a view of Valvasor's Library
Southeast Slovenia - Castle Rajhenburg in Brestanica <br> Castle Brestanica (Rajhenburg) and Castle Turn

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Castle Rajhenburg in ...

Castle Brestanica (Rajhenburg) and Castle Tur...
Southeast Slovenia - Sevnica Castle

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Southeast Slovenia - Sentrupert <br> Land of Hayracks

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Southeast Slovenia - Vesela Gora <br> Church of St. Francis Xavier

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Southeast Slovenia - Zalostna Gora

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Southeast Slovenia - Smarjeske Toplice <br> Smarjeske Toplice Thermal Spa

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Southeast Slovenia - Gric pri Klevevzu <br> Kleveska Toplica Spring

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Gric pri Klevevzu

Kleveska Toplica Spring