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Kanal z okolico

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Kanal - Kanal Bridge

The Kanal Bridge is the most known image of Kanal. It was built in 1580 and at first it was made from wood. Over the years the bridge was many times destroyed and repaired again. The first time was destroyed in 1805 by French, who were advancing to Austria. In the year 1816 was again renovated with the help of Valentin Stanic – mountaineer, priest, printer, healer and founder of the school in Banjscica. During the First World War the Kanal Bridge was expleded and repaired again in 1920. During the Second World War the bridge wasn't damaged and it preserved its appearance till today. The Kanal Bridge is ...

Kanal - Beach (Bathing area)

Kanal is a medieval town, which is situated on the banks of the Soca River. River banks are connected with a Kanal Bridge, which was built in 1580. In hot summer months is swimming in the river nice refreshing, which attracts many local people and tourists. Interesting speciality is a sandy beach, which is located in the nearness of the Kanal Bridge. In hot days water becomes convenient for swimming. Beside laziness we can admire from the beach old buildings with a Gothic House, which together with the bridge create a marvelus image of the town. Near the beach is a campsite, where we can spend long or s...

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