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The Kanal Bridge is the most known image of Kanal. It was built in 1580 and at first it was made from wood. Over the years the bridge was many times destroyed and repaired again. The first time was destroyed in 1805 by French, who were advancing to Austria. In the year 1816 was again renovated with the help of Valentin Stanic – mountaineer, priest, printer, healer and founder of the school in Banjscica. During the First World War the Kanal Bridge was expleded and repaired again in 1920. During the Second World War the bridge wasn't damaged and it preserved its appearance till today. The Kanal Bridge is a remarkableness which attracts many visitors and artists. On many paintings is the bridge represented with this wonderful bridge.
In the Kanal is also taking place a traditional event – jumping from the bridge in July and even the world cup in jumpings from height. In the nearness of the bridge is a sandy beach where we can refresh in Soca River in hot summer days.
Beside the Kanal Bridge are in the Kanal also interesting to see a square Kontrada with a Gothic House, a library of Josip Kocijancic and monument of academic painter Rika Debenjka, a parish Church of the Assumption of Saint Virgin Mary from 1431, Neptune's well from 1815, a monument of Valentin Stanic and other.


Kanal Bridge - Kanal - Kanal Bridge

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Kanal - Kanal Bridge
Kanal Bridge - Kanal Bridge over river Soca

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Kanal Bridge over river Soca
Kanal Bridge - Kanal Bridge near old town centre of Kanal

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Kanal Bridge near old town centre of Kanal
Kanal Bridge - Kanal Bridge

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Kanal Bridge
Kanal Bridge - Road over Kanal Bridge

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Road over Kanal Bridge
Kanal Bridge - Jumps from Kanal Bridge

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Jumps from Kanal Bridge
Kanal Bridge - Kanal Bridge from the south side

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Kanal Bridge from the south side

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Municipality: KANAL (5311 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Deskle (1160 population), Kanal (1158), Kal nad Kanalom (314), Ročinj (284), Ložice (260),

Plave (227), Avče (206), Morsko (188), Levpa (171), Gorenja vas (149), Lig (128), Seniški Breg (123), Kambreško (99), Bodrež (88), Gorenje Polje (88), Doblar (86), Anhovo (79), Močila (79), Kanalski Vrh (69), Ajba (68), Prilesje pri Plavah (55), Ukanje (39), Goljevica (37), Robidni Breg (34), Krstenica (33), Zagora (22), Gorenje Nekovo (20), Čolnica (16), Paljevo (14), Zagomila (5), Zapotok (5), Ravna (4), Jesen (3), Dolenje Nekovo (0), Kamenca nad Ložicami (0)