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Kobarid - Kobarid Museum - Kobariški muzej
Gorizia RegionKobarid - Kobarid Museum

Kobarid - Kobarid Museum 

Where is Kobarid Museum?

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Kozjak Waterfall

The Kozjak Waterfall is one of the greatest remarkableness in Kobarid region. It is part of The Kobarid historical trail, which also includes the Kobarid museum, The Italian Charnel House, Tonocov grad Hill, Soca Gorge and other. Kozjak Waterfall or also Veliki Kozjak is one the highest waterfalls in the brook Kozjak. It is 15 metres high. The brook goes through many water channels. It falls in six waterfalls, of which only the last two are accessible to visitors. You can not go to others, because there are not available the settled paths. The brook flows at Kobarid into the river Soca. The Kozjak Water...

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