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Vinakoper is the largest Istrian winery, located at the very beginning of the city of Koper. Since its foundation in 1947, the company has been producing top quality drop. Their highest values are high quality and sustainable production.
On ten vineyard sites on around 570 hectares, they nurture various wine varieties, which have found their home alongside the indigenous Malvasia and Refosko, the ruby royal wine. The famous wine cellar is built from typical Istrian sandstone. Four million bottles of various quality and varietal wines are produced there annually. They offer red wines, white wines, sparkling wines, roses and sweet wines. In the rich structure, noble flowers and fruity aroma of their wines, you will feel the sun of Mediterranean Istria, the flysch-marl soil and the proximity of the sea. The wine cellar houses one of the largest oak barrels in Europe. Next to the cellar is the store Hisa Refoska, where visitors can find many types of wine and other Istrian delicacies, such as cheeses, cured meats, products with truffles and other specialties of local character. The wine boutique has a specially arranged tasting corner, which is intended for tastings for visitors and small groups. Most of their wines can be tasted in two modern wine machines. The elegant wine boutique also has glasses and large and small containers for serving or cooling wine on the shelves. The Spa and Gourmet lines provide pampering from head to toe. The Gourmet line boasts a wide range of Istrian specialties, such as olive oil, truffle cream, salt with different flavors, cheese in olive oil, pralines and much more. The spa line of natural cosmetics offers body lotion and exfoliating shower gel. In the museum-exhibition area, there are information boards on the history of viticulture and winemaking in Slovenian Istria, wine racks, a press (press), a mosaic, various viticultural containers and other things. The Vinakoper winery is home to the Kogo restaurant, which offers top-notch service for a holistic experience. The space is furnished in a modern rustic style, it has a spacious and luxurious terrace.
There are also two additional rooms available for private parties, a larger room, the Temple, for 50 people and a tasting room for a maximum of 12 people. They offer unique delicacies enriched with cured meats and cheeses, excellent steaks, a variety of home-made pastas and flatbread pizzas with wine lees.



Vinakoper - Kvevri in front of the Vinakoper building

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Kvevri in front of the Vinakoper building
Vinakoper - Kvevri (wine container) and Vinakoper

Photo: 2551500-1

Kvevri (wine container) and Vinakoper
Vinakoper - Parking area

Photo: 2551500-2

Parking area
Vinakoper - Vinakoper - Parking area

Photo: 2551500-3

Vinakoper - Parking area
Vinakoper - Koper - Vinakoper

Photo: 2551500-4

Koper - Vinakoper
Vinakoper - Vinakoper

Photo: 2551500-5

Vinakoper - Vinakoper - Entrance

Photo: 2551500-6

Vinakoper - Entrance
Vinakoper - Passage under the vine

Photo: 2551500-7

Passage under the vine
Vinakoper - House of refosco

Photo: 2551500-8

House of refosco
Vinakoper - Wine Sale <br> Wine sale

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Wine Sale

Wine sale
Vinakoper - Vinakoper <br> Museum exhibition space

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Vinakoper - Museum exhibition space <br> Wine growing and wine-making in the Country of Refosk

Photo: 2551502-7

Museum exhibition spa...

Wine growing and wine-making in the Country o...
Vinakoper - Museum exhibition space <br> Press

Photo: 2551502-8

Vinakoper - Museum exhibition space <br> Wicker wine bottles

Photo: 2551502-9

Museum exhibition spa...

Wicker wine bottles
Vinakoper - Museum exhibition space <br> Various vineyard containers

Photo: 2551502-10

Museum exhibition spa...

Various vineyard containers
Vinakoper - Wine Celler <br> Vinakoper - Wine Celler  from outside

Photo: 2551503-0

Wine Celler

Vinakoper - Wine Celler from outside
Vinakoper - Wine Celler <br> Entrance

Photo: 2551503-1

Wine Celler

Vinakoper - Wine Celler <br> Barrels at the entrance

Photo: 2551503-2

Wine Celler

Barrels at the entrance
Vinakoper - Wine Celler <br> Big barrel

Photo: 2551503-3

Wine Celler

Big barrel
Vinakoper - Vinakoper <br> Wine Celler

Photo: 2551503-5


Wine Celler

Vinakoper - Wine Celler <br> Bottles of wine

Photo: 2551503-12

Wine Celler

Bottles of wine
Vinakoper - Wine Celler <br> Big wine tanks

Photo: 2551503-13

Wine Celler

Big wine tanks
Vinakoper - Wine Celler <br> Hall with smaller barrels

Photo: 2551503-14

Wine Celler

Hall with smaller barrels
Vinakoper - Wine Celler <br> Barrels and big tanks in the background

Photo: 2551503-17

Wine Celler

Barrels and big tanks in the background
Vinakoper - Vinakoper <br> Vinoteka

Photo: 2551504-3



Vinakoper - Vinoteka <br> Bar

Photo: 2551504-8

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