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Wurzen Pass

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Wurzen Pass (1073 m) is a road crossing in the area of western Karavanke, which connects Slovenia with neighboring Austria. At the same time it represents a natural connection between the Upper Valley and the lower Ziljska Valley.
The Upper Sava Valley or the Valley is considered one of the most beautiful alpine valleys. The Wurzen Pass is about 3 kilometres away from the nearest congested village of Podkoren. The paved medieval road used to pass through the village, linking Carinthia and Carniola already in the 15th century. Already during the Austro-Hungarian rule a carriage was passing over the pass, bringing news from other places to the people. The road over the Wurzen Pass until 1990, when the tunnel in Karavanke was made, represented the basic transport link with northern and central Europe. On the Slovenian side, the road from Podkoren to the saddle clims in a few turns, but in Austria area is quite steep, with a slope of more than 18 % in certain paths. As a result, traffic for passenger cars with trailers and for trucks passes through the Ljubelj pass or through the Karavanke tunnel. The passage area extends over a vast plain surrounded by spruce forests. The inhabitants call it Poljana, but it has no special view. To the east of the Wurzen Pass is located mountain Jerebikovec (1593 m) and to the west it lies on the border between Slovenia, Italy and Austria, mountain Pec (1510 m).
Each year, the Pec summit hosts a meeting of representatives of all three nationalities and the idea of organizing the Olympic Games of the three countries was born here. Jerebikovec is the highest peak of the Mezakla plateau. Only a humble bivouac awaits the hikers at the top. The mountain is known as a wonderful viewpoint.


Wurzen Pass - View in the direction of Slovenia

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View in the direction of Slovenia
Wurzen Pass - Road from Wurzen pass

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Road from Wurzen pass
Wurzen Pass - Wurzen Pass

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Wurzen Pass
Wurzen Pass - Border Wurzen Pass

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Border Wurzen Pass
Wurzen Pass - Border between Slovenia and Austria

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Border between Slovenia and Austria
Wurzen Pass - Wurzen Pass - Kompas Shop

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Wurzen Pass - Kompas Shop
Wurzen Pass - Wurzen Pass (1073 m) with the neighbourhood

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Wurzen Pass (1073 m) with the neighbourhood

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Kranjska Gora
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Municipality: KRANJSKA GORA (5212 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Kranjska Gora (1491 population), Mojstrana (1098), Gozd Martuljek (636), Dovje (620), Rateče (618),

Podkoren (390), Belca (161), Log (95), Zgornja Radovna (71), Srednji Vrh (32)