Lipica - Presentation of the classical riding school - Lipica - Predstava klasične šole jahanja
Coastal - Inner CarniolaLipica - Presentation of the classical riding school

Lipica - Presentation of the classical riding school 

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Sezana - The Botanic Gardens of Sezana

The botanic gardens of Sezana are situated in the north – eastern part of the town. Sezana has been the administrative centre of the Upper Carst since 1848, and was a commercial and traffic centre already before the date. The trader family Scaramanga from Trieste was so enthusiastic about the location and the significance of the town that it build a summer residence. In the period between 1848 and 1880 they bought from the farmers the land of which the today's botanic gardens are located. A greenhouse was built in 1890 for those plants that are particularily sensitive to the cold weather. In the botan...


Lipica is situated in the wonderful Karst environment, close to the Italian border. It was founded in the year 1580 and it is the centre of the all Lipizzan hourses (400 lipizzan hourses today in Lipica). The Stud-farm of Lipica is one of the most beautiful cultural and historical monuments of the Republic of Slovenia. Here, the tradition of selection and breeding of pure Lipizzan hourses has been alive for over than four hundred years. After the Second World War, Lipica succeded to develop its own Classical Riding School and presented it in the presentations and equestrian events all over the world. To...

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