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Ljubljana - Prešernov trg
Central Slovenia


Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia.
Ljubljana - Preseren Square
Ljubljana - Plecnik's Market
Ljubljana - Novi trg (New Square)
Ljubljana - Gornji trg (Upper Square)
Ljubljana - Trnovski pristan Embankment
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Ljubljana is a vibrant and modern capital of Slovenia, one of the largest cities in Europe. It has been the capital of the Republic of Slovenia since 1991, when Slovenia became an independent state.
The symbol of Ljubljana is represented by the Ljubljana dragon, which is visible on the Dragon Bridge and in the coat of arms. Throughout its diverse history, the city has been influenced by several different cultures, since it was located at the crossroads of Romance, Germanic and Slavic nations with their customs, customs and languages. Today, Ljubljana is the cultural, geographical, economic, scientific, administrative and political center of Slovenia. The highest state bodies, the Parliament of the Republic of Slovenia, the President of the State, the Supreme and Constitutional Courts, the Government and a number of consulates and embassies operate in Ljubljana.
There are many primary and secondary schools and a university in the city. The center of cultural events are Cankarjev dom, Slovenian Philharmonic, Opera and Ballet theaters, SNG Drama, galleries and museums. National and University libraries stand out among the libraries. The biggest attractions in the old town are the Ljubljana Castle, which is a recognizable building by far, Franciscan Church, Triple Bridge, City Hall, Robb's Fountain, St. Nicholas Church and many more. Since 2006, Ljubljana Castle has been connected to the old town by a funicular. Famous Slovene architect Jože Plečnik left a great mark on urban architecture between the two wars.
The picturesque Ljubljanica River, which winds through the city, crosses many bridges, the most famous being the Dragon Bridge and the Triple Bridge. The hustle and bustle of the capital is mitigated by many smaller city parks, large green spaces such as Tivoli Park and the location between forested areas. Ljubljana also has the Ljubljana Zoo, which was founded in 1949 and the interesting Ljubljana Botanical Garden, which has been operating since 1810. By setting up a sports hall in Tivoli and a modern Stozice Center, which covers a multi-purpose sports hall and a football stadium, Ljubljana has become an internationally renowned sports center.
Outside the city center there is a larger shopping, sports, entertainment and business center - BTC City. Popular excursion points for Ljubljana residents in the city and the surrounding area are Sisenski hrib, Katarina, Tosko celo, Rasica and Smarna gora.


Most Beautiful Trips

Ljubljana - Ljubljanica with boat

Photo: 2014-0

Ljubljana - The Tivoli Park <br> Promenade and Tivoli Mansion back

Photo: 2020-0

The Tivoli Park

Promenade and Tivoli Mansion back
Ljubljana - The Tivoli Park

Photo: 2020-2

Ljubljana - The Tivoli Park <br> Tivoli Mansion - International Centre of Graphic Arts

Photo: 2020-6

The Tivoli Park

Tivoli Mansion - International Centre of Grap...
Ljubljana - Ljubljana Castle

Photo: 2022-0

Ljubljana - Miklosicev Park <br> Slovenski trg square

Photo: 2040-14

Miklosicev Park

Slovenski trg square
Ljubljana - Court Palace

Photo: 2042-2

Ljubljana - Botanical Garden

Photo: 2085-10

Ljubljana - Botanical Garden <br> Tropical Glasshouse

Photo: 2086-21

Botanical Garden

Tropical Glasshouse

Ljubljana - Kayaking Course Tacen

Photo: 2091-0

Ljubljana - Smarna gora Hill

Photo: 2093-0

Ljubljana - Zoo

Photo: 2000001-0

Ljubljana - Plecnik's Market

Photo: 2015300-2

Ljubljana - Mestni trg (Town Square)

Photo: 2015900-3

Ljubljana - Town Hall

Photo: 2015902-0

Ljubljana - Breg

Photo: 2016000-11

Ljubljana - Ljubljana  <br> Zois Palace

Photo: 2016002-1


Zois Palace

Ljubljana - Novi trg (New Square)

Photo: 2016100-2

Ljubljana - Cobblers' Bridge

Photo: 2016150-2

Ljubljana - Dragon Bridge

Photo: 2016300-6

Ljubljana - Butchers' Bridge

Photo: 2016400-4

Ljubljana - Cankarjevo nabrezje embankment <br> Cankarevo nabrezje embankment

Photo: 2016800-6

Cankarjevo nabrezje e...

Cankarevo nabrezje embankment
Ljubljana - Auersperg Palace

Photo: 2016905-0

Ljubljana - Krizanke <br> Križanke

Photo: 2016935-0


Ljubljana - Preseren Square

Photo: 2018000-0

Ljubljana - Chuch of the Annunciation

Photo: 2018004-1

Ljubljana - Trnovski pristan Embankment <br> Trnovski pristan embankment

Photo: 2040001-1

Trnovski pristan Emba...

Trnovski pristan embankment

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Municipality: LJUBLJANA (289518 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Ljubljana (280940 population), Črna vas (990), Stanežiče (747), Srednje Gameljne (690), Spodnje Gameljne (598),

Zgornje Gameljne (533), Podmolnik (500), Medno (464), Sadinja vas (450), Mali Lipoglav (269), Podgrad (267), Besnica (233), Podlipoglav (206), Malo Trebeljevo (187), Volavlje (178), Javor (174), Dvor (172), Rašica (165), Prežganje (149), Zgornja Besnica (139), Češnjica (128), Vnajnarje (119), Veliko Trebeljevo (118), Gabrje pri Jančah (113), Mali Vrh pri Prežganju (107), Lipe (106), Pance (103), Šentpavel (100), Brezje pri Lipoglavu (84), Zagradišče (81), Tuji Grm (80), Repče (69), Ravno Brdo (60), Dolgo Brdo (60), Veliki Lipoglav (48), Selo pri Pancah (44), Toško Čelo (25), Janče (22)