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Central Hotel is located in the heart of Ljubljana, on Miklosic Road. The recently renovated hotel brings a relaxed and lively atmosphere to the city. Guests can check and enter to the hotel using the hotel mobile application.
Extremely fast Wi-Fi provides easy access to the hotel and constant access to information. The classic function of reception, service and other are combined into a comprehensive team called the Experience Team. It provides a holistic experience of staying at the Central Hotel. Guests can choose between five accommodation, from futuristic sleeping capsules to a double room overlooking Ljubljana castle. All rooms feature an airy and bright ambience and very comportable beds that are a guarantee for a relaxing night's sleep. The unique wallpaper design in the rooms overlooking the castle is the work of a renowned illustrator and street artist. His street creations are visible throughout Ljubljana as well as on the hotel terrace on the top floor of the hotel. All accommodations include a rich breakfast available to guests on the top floor. For nature's sake, each guest recieves a water bottle and an eco coffee pot, which they can fill up for free. Rooftop@Central Bar offers the opportunity to socialize with other travelers. Together with the restaurant, bar and terrace, which overlooks Ljubljana Castle, it is the center of events. The reception desk is also located here. The bar specializes in Slovenian boutique beers, as well as drinks of the day and cocktails. In addition to games and entertainment, the space is also suitable for relaxed business meetings. Central Hotel has a great location near the old town.
The largest attractions are the Triple Bridge, Preseren Square, Franciscan Church, Plecnik's Market, the impressive Ljubljana Castle, Metelkova City, Dragon Bridge, Tivoli Park and other. The nearest airport is Brnik airport.

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Central Hotel - Central Hotel

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Central Hotel
Central Hotel - Central Hotel Ljubljana

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Central Hotel Ljubljana
Central Hotel - Ljubljana - Central Hotel

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Ljubljana - Central Hotel
Central Hotel - Central Hotel - Miklosiceva cesta 9

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Central Hotel - Miklosiceva cesta 9
Central Hotel - Casino Rio Central

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Casino Rio Central

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Municipality: LJUBLJANA (289518 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Ljubljana (280940 population), Črna vas (990), Stanežiče (747), Srednje Gameljne (690), Spodnje Gameljne (598),

Zgornje Gameljne (533), Podmolnik (500), Medno (464), Sadinja vas (450), Mali Lipoglav (269), Podgrad (267), Besnica (233), Podlipoglav (206), Malo Trebeljevo (187), Volavlje (178), Javor (174), Dvor (172), Rašica (165), Prežganje (149), Zgornja Besnica (139), Češnjica (128), Vnajnarje (119), Veliko Trebeljevo (118), Gabrje pri Jančah (113), Mali Vrh pri Prežganju (107), Lipe (106), Pance (103), Šentpavel (100), Brezje pri Lipoglavu (84), Zagradišče (81), Tuji Grm (80), Repče (69), Ravno Brdo (60), Dolgo Brdo (60), Veliki Lipoglav (48), Selo pri Pancah (44), Toško Čelo (25), Janče (22)