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Ljubljana - Miklosiceva cesta

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    Interactive map with sights

    Ljubljana, the capital town of Slovenia, is known as a relaxed and pleasant city that attracts many foreign and domestic visitors. It is distinguished by the interesting old town, where many cultural and historical sites are located.
    Miklosic Street and Miklosicev Park were designed by Maks Fabiani. They are named after professor of Slavic Studies at the University of Vienna, Fran Miklosic. In the park, his marble bust was replaced by a statue of Franc Jozef. Miklosic Street was designed in 1906 as a new station street and was densely built before the First World War. The Miklosic Street was designed of all the most important Slovenian architects. Due to its height, style of harmonious buildings with quality facades and the Franciscan Church, Miklosic Street is one of the most beautiful streets in Ljubljana. At the beginning of the Miklosic Street the Palace of Insurance Company was built between 1928 and 1930 by architects Joze Plecnik and France Tomazic. The building is distinguished by its distinctive plastic shaped facade and inside it is worth seeing the entrance hall with a monumental, solemnly designed staircase reminiscent of the interior of the National and University Library. Tomazic's work is also a neighbooring dwelling house of the Insurance Institute, which was built in years from 1934 to 1936. On the opposite corner of Miklosic Street stands a palace of the former House of Graphics, called simply Graphics, which is the work of architects Vladimir Subic from 1931. The neighbouring building is the work of architect Ivo Spincic from 1930.
    On the corner with Prazak Street stands Subic's appartment block of the Pension Institute from 1927. Just a little bit further along is the palace of the Worker's Chamber from 1927-28 with a facade adorned with sculptures by sculptor Lojze Dolinar. In the building is today a cinema.



    Miklosiceva cesta - Start of the Miklosiceva cesta at Presern Square

    Photo: 2015000-0

    Start of the Miklosiceva cesta at Presern Square
    Miklosiceva cesta - Miklosiceva cesta

    Photo: 2015000-1

    Miklosiceva cesta
    Miklosiceva cesta - Electro pump on Miklosiceva cesta

    Photo: 2015000-2

    Electro pump on Miklosiceva cesta
    Miklosiceva cesta - Miklosiceva cesta in the direction of Three Bridges

    Photo: 2015000-3

    Miklosiceva cesta in the direction of Three Bridges
    Miklosiceva cesta - Bicikel (renting bicycles) on Miklosiceva cesta

    Photo: 2015000-4

    Bicikel (renting bicycles) on Miklosiceva cesta
    Miklosiceva cesta - Miklosiceva cesta (Miklosic Street) in Ljubljana

    Photo: 2015000-5

    Miklosiceva cesta (Miklosic Street) in Ljubljana
    Miklosiceva cesta - Miklosiceva cesta in the direction of the Railway Station Ljubljana

    Photo: 2015000-6

    Miklosiceva cesta in the direction of the Railway Station Ljubljana
    Miklosiceva cesta - Miklosiceva cesta and Prazakova ulica

    Photo: 2015000-7

    Miklosiceva cesta and Prazakova ulica
    Miklosiceva cesta - Grand Hotel Union

    Photo: 2015002-1

    Miklosiceva cesta - Bamberg House

    Photo: 2015004-0

    Miklosiceva cesta - Regalli House

    Photo: 2015005-0

    Miklosiceva cesta - Krisper House

    Photo: 2015006-0

    Miklosiceva cesta - Central Hotel

    Photo: 2015009-0

    Miklosiceva cesta - Subic Apartment building

    Photo: 2015010-0

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    Municipality: LJUBLJANA (289518 population)

    Settlements in the municipality:

    Ljubljana (280940 population), Črna vas (990), Stanežiče (747), Srednje Gameljne (690), Spodnje Gameljne (598),

    Zgornje Gameljne (533), Podmolnik (500), Medno (464), Sadinja vas (450), Mali Lipoglav (269), Podgrad (267), Besnica (233), Podlipoglav (206), Malo Trebeljevo (187), Volavlje (178), Javor (174), Dvor (172), Rašica (165), Prežganje (149), Zgornja Besnica (139), Češnjica (128), Vnajnarje (119), Veliko Trebeljevo (118), Gabrje pri Jančah (113), Mali Vrh pri Prežganju (107), Lipe (106), Pance (103), Šentpavel (100), Brezje pri Lipoglavu (84), Zagradišče (81), Tuji Grm (80), Repče (69), Ravno Brdo (60), Dolgo Brdo (60), Veliki Lipoglav (48), Selo pri Pancah (44), Toško Čelo (25), Janče (22)