Maribor - Dvorana Tabor (Tabor Hall) - Dvorana Tabor
Drava - Mura RegionMaribor - Dvorana Tabor (Tabor Hall)

Maribor - Dvorana Tabor (Tabor Hall)

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Maribor offers many recreational opportunities, which are quickly accessible green oases of city parks, along or on the Drava River, picturesque wine-growing hills and the sea of green Pohorje forests.
There are available cycling, hiking, golf, skiing and other winter activities, adrenaline experiences and indoor sports. Indoor sports are held at the Tabor Ice Hall, Tabor Hall, Dras Center, Stadium Ljudski vrt, Gol Center, Red Power Sports Center and Leon Strukelj University Sports Center. Badminton, squash, indoor soccer, volleyball - collective or individual recreation in modernly equipped multipurpose sports halls has become an important everyday life for the people of Maribor and surrounding people. There are also many cultural, entertainment and business events taking place in the sports and recreational facilities. Tabor Hall is a sports facility with 118 rooms and a total area of 9500 m2. In the morning, it provides compulsory sports training for elementary schools in the Tabora area, otherwise it provides shelter for Maribor clubs and athletes for their training and competitions.
The Tabor Hall also hosts many recreational and entertaining events such as gymnastics, small animal exhibitions, concerts, dance tournaments and other. These attract many visitors from near and far.


Dvorana Tabor (Tabor Hall) - Dvorana Tabor (Tabor Hall)

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Dvorana Tabor (Tabor Hall)
Dvorana Tabor (Tabor Hall) - Tabor Hall in Maribor

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Tabor Hall in Maribor
Dvorana Tabor (Tabor Hall) - Entrances A, AB, B

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Entrances A, AB, B
Dvorana Tabor (Tabor Hall) - Sports facilities Maribor - Tabor Hall

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Sports facilities Maribor - Tabor Hall
Dvorana Tabor (Tabor Hall) - Entrances C, CD, D

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Entrances C, CD, D
Dvorana Tabor (Tabor Hall) - Tabor Hall from side

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Tabor Hall from side
Dvorana Tabor (Tabor Hall) - Road behind the Tabor Hall

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Road behind the Tabor Hall
Dvorana Tabor (Tabor Hall) - Restaurant Taborka

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Restaurant Taborka

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Municipality: MARIBOR (110871 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Maribor (94642 population), Limbuš (1988), Kamnica (1644), Pekre (1465), Razvanje (1287),

Bresternica (1284), Rošpoh - del (776), Zrkovci (753), Dogoše (726), Trčova (693), Hrastje (553), Malečnik (507), Počehova (405), Ruperče (395), Jelovec (329), Laznica (314), Ribniško selo (301), Metava (293), Meljski Hrib (292), Celestrina (286), Vinarje (234), Šober (232), Gaj nad Mariborom (216), Vodole (214), Srednje (184), Za Kalvarijo (157), Pekel (156), Hrenca (140), Nebova (129), Vrhov Dol (117), Zgornji Slemen - del (87), Grušova (72)