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Marina Portoroz is a modern harbour, which is located at the edge of the city Portoroz. It is the closest harbour for yachts in the Middle Europe. Marina Portoroz is the ideal starting point for cruising in the Adriatic Sea. Marina is a small city. There are available: technical service of yachts, apartments Residence Marina, restaurants Marina and Laguna and sport centre. The history of Marina goes to the year 1974, when was planed on the grounds of former Lucija Saltpans. Marina Portoroz has over 1000 moored places on the land, in the sea, channel Fazan and two halls. The service of yachts includes all sorts of maintenance works and repairs in the hull, mechanism, motors, navigations and other instruments, masts and other parts of yachts. The apartments Residence Marina offers staying in the three types of luxurious apartments. You can also rent them for a longer period. Additionaly is also available a smaller council room. Restaurants Marina and Laguna offers guests selected karstic, sea and Istrian specialities. In the sport and recreational centre are available mini golf, golf, tennis playground, swimming pool, fitness, renting of yachts, playground for small football, playground for volleyball, two basketball playgrounds and other. In the year 2002 they opened the modern multipurpose stadium. They organize sports competitions and other entertainment and cultural performances. It is the only stadium in Slovenia, in which they organize tennis tournaments in the highest levels.



Marina Portoroz - Portoroz - Marina Portoroz

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Portoroz - Marina Portoroz
Marina Portoroz - Road to the Marina in Portoroz

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Road to the Marina in Portoroz
Marina Portoroz - Entrance into Marina Portoroz

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Entrance into Marina Portoroz
Marina Portoroz - Reception

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Marina Portoroz - Direction sign for Restaurant Marina and Restaurant Marina

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Direction sign for Restaurant Marina and Restaurant Marina
Marina Portoroz - Restaurant Marina

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Restaurant Marina
Marina Portoroz - Small parking place in Marina Portoroz

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Small parking place in Marina Portoroz
Marina Portoroz - Lift

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Marina Portoroz - Pier in marina

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Pier in marina
Marina Portoroz - Fuel Station

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Fuel Station
Marina Portoroz - Yachts in Marina Portoroz

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Yachts in Marina Portoroz
Marina Portoroz - Yach in marina in Lucija near Portoroz

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Yach in marina in Lucija near Portoroz
Marina Portoroz - Yachts on repair, cleaning ...

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Yachts on repair, cleaning ...
Marina Portoroz - View to the Marina Portoroz from Camp Lucija Direction

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View to the Marina Portoroz from Camp Lucija Direction
Marina Portoroz - Hangar of Marina Portoroz

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Hangar of Marina Portoroz
Marina Portoroz - Hangar and Technical service

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Hangar and Technical service
Marina Portoroz - Shops near Marina Portoroz

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Shops near Marina Portoroz
Marina Portoroz - Caffe bar Da Strega

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Caffe bar Da Strega

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Municipality: PIRAN (17643 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Lucija (6057 population), Piran (3804), Portorož (2928), Seča (1231), Parecag (991),

Sečovlje (778), Strunjan (610), Dragonja (430), Sv. Peter (392), Nova vas nad Dragonjo (234), Padna (188)