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Medana is interesting cloddy village, which extends along the ridge of the hill Medana. It belongs to the Municipality of Brda and is situated not far from the border with Italy. In written sources is first mentioned in 1157. The kernel of the settlement is around of the Church of Mary's Assumption from the year 1882. The original church was built in 1527, but only plans and some stone remains are preserved.
In Medana we can visit the birthplace of poet and translator Alojz Gradnik (1882-1967), who sensitively portrayed local people, natural and cultural landscape of Goriska Brda. In his house is a memorial room and every year they organize evenings, dedicated to the great poet. Poet's monument is located in the castle park in Dobrovo and in the municipal arms is written his line of poetry.
Medana is famous by wine cellars, high quality Slovenian wines and restaurants with varied cuisine.
Every year takes place in late August the famous festival named Days of Poetry and wine, which is marked by poetry reading, concerts, presentations and exhibitions of poets and many other events.


Medana - Medana

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Medana - Arrival into Medana from Dobrovo

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Arrival into Medana from Dobrovo
Medana - Village Medana

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Village Medana
Medana - Birthplace of Alojz Gradnik

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Birthplace of Alojz Gradnik
Medana - Gradnik trail

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Gradnik trail
Medana - Map of Medana with neighbourhood

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Map of Medana with neighbourhood
Medana - Church of Mary's Assumption

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Church of Mary's Assumption
Medana - Church of Mary's Assumption in Medana

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Church of Mary's Assumption in Medana
Medana - Stony statue

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Stony statue
Medana - Guest house Buzinel - Cooperative House Medana

Photo: 4259-9

Guest house Buzinel - Cooperative House Medana
Medana - Vinoteque Medana Kristancic

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Vinoteque Medana Kristancic
Medana - Medana in Goriska Brda

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Medana in Goriska Brda
Medana - View of Goriska Brda

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View of Goriska Brda
Medana - Palm tree

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Palm tree
Medana - Goriska Brda

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Goriska Brda
Medana - Vineyards in Goriska Brda

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Vineyards in Goriska Brda

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Municipality: BRDA (5623 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Vipolže (426 population), Kozana (370), Dobrovo (336), Gornje Cerovo (320), Hum (310),

Podsabotin (283), Kojsko (254), Plešivo (229), Medana (224), Neblo (205), Šmartno (200), Vedrijan (178), Gonjače (160), Fojana (154), Biljana (152), Višnjevik (149), Drnovk (137), Imenje (133), Dolnje Cerovo (132), Hruševlje (122), Ceglo (115), Vrhovlje pri Kojskem (110), Šlovrenc (105), Krasno (102), Snežatno (91), Zali Breg (78), Brdice pri Neblem (56), Barbana (53), Snežeče (46), Kozarno (42), Brestje (41), Gradno (40), Kožbana (37), Hlevnik (35), Nozno (29), Slavče (29), Breg pri Golem Brdu (28), Golo Brdo (24), Senik (22), Vrhovlje pri Kožbani (19), Brdice pri Kožbani (17), Pristavo (11), Brezovk (10), Belo (9), Slapnik (0)