Metlika - Komenda (Retired home) - Komenda (Dom počitka)
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Metlika - Komenda (Retired home) 

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Gradac Castle

The Gradac Castle is situated in the village Gradac in the Community Metlika in Bela krajina. The castle stands in the good protected area of the river Lahinja. There is a footpath to the Gradac Castle, which secedes from the main road next to the store. We come to the castle over the wooden bridge, which goes across the former defensive dyke. In the sources was the castle first mentioned in the year 1326 as Gräcz. At the beginning the Gradac Castle was probably the stronghold against the Turks. It was in the property of the Italian family counts Thurn-Valsassin, until it came in the possession of the f...

Rosalnice - Three parishes

Rosalnice is the village in the Metlika community. They are situated about 2 kilometres from from the city centre. Rosalnice are famous by three pilgrim Gothic churches, which are called Tri fare (Three parishes). They are all situated behind one wall, where is also the graveyard. Their history is not researched and much mysterious, because is not known how and when they were built. They originate from the second part of the 12th century. In village Rosalnice you can also see the typical rural inn, which represents the centre of the village and it is surrounded with the old lime trees. In this place was...

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