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Olimje is a village in the Municipality of Podcetrtek. It lies on the foothills of the Kozjansko Hills. It was first mentioned in 1208, although the beginnings of the tower castle go to the early 11th century. Olimje is known by the Monastery Olimje, Chocolate Shop, Deer Crest, Witch Hut and other. In the nearness is also Terme Olimia, which is a wonderful place to relax. Monastery Olimje has a varied historical past. Today is in the monastery the oldest pharmacy in Europe. They grown herbs in the garden, which can also be seen by visitors. They have about 200 species of plants. Beside the monastery is ...

Terme Olimia

Terme Olimia is situated in the Municipality Podcetrtek. Therme Olimje offers lots of possibilities for relaxation. There are many accomodations possibilities like hotel Sotelia, hotel Breza, aparthotel Rosa, village Lipa, for those, who do not like the hotel atmosphere or camp Natura, for lovers of the genuine connection with nature. You can also go to the wellnes centre Termalia, congress centre, centre of health, thermal park Aqualuna, bars and restaurants. In the wellnes centre Termalia is expecting you more than 2000 water areas and the colourful world of saunas. You can enjoy in the resting places...

Olimje - Koca pri carovnici (Witch Hut)

Olimje is a village, which has a gold medal for the best regulated Europe village in 2009. The place is very well known by the Monastery Olimje with the oldest pharmacy in Europe, the Church of the Mary’s Assumption, Jelenov greben (Deer Crest), Cokoladnica Olimje (Chocolate shop), Koca pri carovnici (Witch Hut) and other. In the nearness is the swimming pool and spa centre Terme Olimia. Koca pri Carovnici (Witch Hut) is situated about one kilometer above the Monastery Olimje. It lies in the middle of the forest and visitors can walk among different historical and fairytale characters such us Snow White...

Podsreda Castle

Podsreda Castle is situated in the Kozjansko Regional Park. It lies in the northern slope Orlice. From the castle is a wonderful view to the valley Bistrica and Sotla, medieval square Podsreda and Hrvasko Zagorje. It was built in the 12th century. Many owners exchanged, but the medieval kernel of the castle remained almost undamaged through the centuries. The present image got in the 19th century. They started with its renovation in the year 1983. It belongs between most important buildings of the Romanic architecture. The castle has defensive a tower, tower with the chapel and two palatium. The bishop ...

Monastery Olimje - Old Pharmacy

In the castle tower of the Monastery Olimje is an old pharmacy, which is the third oldest monastic pharmacy in Europe. Before this pharmacy are only older pharmacy in Paris and pharmacy in Dubrovnik. Arched and circular room of the former pharmacy was painted with frescos in 1780 by master Anton Lerchinger from Rogatec. Frescos have great artistic value and tell us about the path to happiness and health. In 1782, Emperor Joseph II. dismissed the Pauline monks and monks wer expelled from Olimje. By the year 1950 the pharmacy room was a store for produces from field. The herb tradition was revived again b...

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