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Central Slovenia

Central Slovenia

Ljubljana - Preseren Square
Velika Planina
Kamnik - Old Town Centre
Ljubljana - Plecnik's Market
Bogensperk Castle
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Central Slovenia
Source: Public information of Slovenia,
The Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia,
State map in measure 1 : 1.000.000, 1995
The Central Slovenian region is known for its many natural and cultural sights, which attract many foreign visitors. The most prominent places are Ljubljana, the vibrant and modern capital of Slovenia, which became the capital in 1991.
The symbol of Ljubljana is represented by the Ljubljana dragon, which is visible on the Dragon Bridge and in the coat of arms. Throughout its diverse history, the city has been influenced by several different cultures, since it was located at the crossroads of Romance, Germanic and Slavic nations with their customs, customs and languages. Today, Ljubljana is the cultural, geographical, economic, scientific, administrative and political center of Slovenia. In the old town center, the largest attractions are Ljubljana Castle, which is the most recognizable building, Franciscan Church, Triple Bridge, Town Hall, Robb's well, Ljubljana Cathedral and many more.
In addition to Ljubljana, the Central Slovenian area includes Brezovica and Borovnica with neighborhood, Dobrovo and Polhov Gradec with neighborhood, Domzale and Dol pri Ljubljani with neighborhood, Grosuplje with neighborhood, Ig and Skofljica with neighborhood, Ivancna Gorica with neighborhood, Kamnik with neighborhood, Litija and Smartno near Litija with its surroundings, Logatec with its surroundings, Lukovica and Moravce with its surroundings, Medvode with its surroundings, Menges and Trzin with its surroundings, Velike Lasce and Dobrepolje with its surroundings, Vodice and Komenda with its surroundings, Vrhnika with its surroundings and Zasavje with its surroundings.
The biggest attractions in the area of Brezovica and Borovnica are Podpesko Lake, Preserje with the church of Saint Ana, Rakisko Lake and the Pekel Gorge with the Pekel Falls. In the area of Domzal and Dola near Ljubljana the largest attractions include Babja Cave, Krumperk Castle and Zelezna Cave. In the area of Grosuplje are the castle Bostanj and Radensko polje. In the area of Ig and Skofljica there are natural attractions Iski Vintgar, Krim and ponds in the Draga valley. In the area of Ivancna Gorica are located the magnificent Cistercian monastery Sticna, the source of the Krka River - the Krka Cave and Visnja Gora. In the Kamnik area, the largest attractions are Velika Planina, Volcji Potok Arboretum, Snovik Thermal Spa, Cojz Cottage on the Kokrsko Sedlo Mountain, Lodge in Kamniska Bistrica, Bistrica Spring, Grintovec and Skuta Mountains and the Predaselj Gorge.
In the area of Litija and Smartno stand out towns Smartno pri Litija and Vace, which are known as one of the most important and richest sites of prehistoric railway culture in Slovenia. The Logatec area features the famous Sekirica and the Roman fort at Lanisce. In the area of Lukovica and Moravce there are village Trojane with delicious donuts, Moravce ponds and Tustanj castle. In the area of Medvode are Zbiljsko Lake, Tosc, Valburga, Kalvarija and Old Castle above village Smlednik. In the area of Menges and Trzin, the Jablje Castle stands out, which in 1999 was proclaimed a cultural monument of national importance. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Center for the European Future are established there.
In the area of Velike Lasce and Dobrepolje are interesting Turjak Castle and Velike Lasce, where memorial rooms dedicated to Josip Stritar, Primoz Trubar and Levstik are on display in the cultural center. Turjak Castle was once one of the mightiest and most famous castles in Carniola, which gained notoriety in battles with the Turks. In the area of Vodice and Komenda stand out the Kriski bajer, Moste and Repnje.
The Vrhnika area includes the town of Vrhnika, Stari maln, ponds near the old brickworks, Planina above Vrhnika, Mocilnik - the spring of the Ljubljanica river and Bistra with the castle Bistra, where the seat of the Technical Museum of Slovenia is today. The Zasavje region has the famous Zasavska Sveta Gora Mountain and the Trbovlje Chimney.


Most Beautiful Trips

Central Slovenia - Ljubljana <br> The Tivoli Park

Photo: 2020-2

Central Slovenia - Ljubljana Castle

Photo: 2022-0

Central Slovenia - Dom v Kamniški Bistrici and Bistrica Spring <br> Kamniska Bistrica spring

Photo: 2100-0

Dom v Kamniški Bistri...

Kamniska Bistrica spring
Central Slovenia - Orglice Waterfall with Partisan Hospital <br> Orglice Waterfall

Photo: 2101-0

Orglice Waterfall wit...

Orglice Waterfall
Central Slovenia - Predaselj Gorge

Photo: 2102-0

Central Slovenia - Velika Planina <br> Velika planina plateau

Photo: 2103-0

Velika Planina

Velika planina plateau
Central Slovenia - Kamnik <br> Mali grad (Small Castle) with St. Eligija Chapel

Photo: 2110-0


Mali grad (Small Castle) with St. Eligija Cha...
Central Slovenia - Tunjice <br> Church of St. Ana in Tunjice

Photo: 2120-0


Church of St. Ana in Tunjice
Central Slovenia - Kamnik <br> Sutna

Photo: 2123-0



Central Slovenia - Terme Snovik

Photo: 2140-0

Central Slovenia - Valburga, Calvary, Old Castle above Smlednik <br> Old Castle above Smlednik

Photo: 2151-16

Valburga, Calvary, Ol...

Old Castle above Smlednik
Central Slovenia - Medvode

Photo: 2160-0

Central Slovenia - Zbilje Lake

Photo: 2180-0

Central Slovenia - Sticna Abbey <br> The Northern Entrance Tower

Photo: 2201-0

Sticna Abbey

The Northern Entrance Tower
Central Slovenia - Muljava <br> Jurcic Homestead

Photo: 2215-0

Central Slovenia - Vrhnika <br> Vrhnika - Cankar's Square (Cankarjev trg)

Photo: 2254-0


Vrhnika - Cankar's Square (Cankarjev trg)
Central Slovenia - Pekel Gorge <br> Pekel Waterfalls

Photo: 2301-0

Central Slovenia - Preserje <br> Church of St. Ann

Photo: 2331-9


Church of St. Ann
Central Slovenia - Rakitna Lake

Photo: 2340-7

Central Slovenia - Polhov Gradec Mansion

Photo: 2352-0

Central Slovenia - Tustanj Castle

Photo: 2440-0

Central Slovenia - Limbarska gora Mount <br> Church of St. Valentine

Photo: 2446-2

Limbarska gora Mount

Church of St. Valentine

Central Slovenia - Iski vintgar <br> Grabljice

Photo: 2453-0

Iski vintgar


Central Slovenia - Ponds in the Valley of Draga <br> Big Pond

Photo: 2473-3

Ponds in the Valley o...

Big Pond

Central Slovenia - Komenda <br> Church of St. Peter

Photo: 10536-0

Central Slovenia - Turjak Castle

Photo: 11002-0

Central Slovenia - Bogensperk Castle <br> Castle Bogensperk

Photo: 11071-0

Bogensperk Castle

Castle Bogensperk
Central Slovenia - Vace <br> Vace Situla

Photo: 11091-0

Central Slovenia - Zasavska Sveta gora

Photo: 11505-0

Central Slovenia - Trbovlje Chimney

Photo: 11530-0

Central Slovenia - Jablje Castle

Photo: 12200-0

Central Slovenia - Ljubljana <br> Zoo

Photo: 2000001-0



Central Slovenia - Ljubljana <br> Preseren Square

Photo: 2018000-0

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