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Ljubljana - The Tivoli Park - Promenada in Tivolski grad zadaj
Central SloveniaLjubljana - The Tivoli Park

Ljubljana - The Tivoli Park 

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  • The Tivoli ParkParks, arboretums, gardens 
  • Trg francoske revolucije Square15
  • Vegova ulica (Vega Street)6
  • Vodnikov trg (Vodnik Square)4
  • Ljubljana CastlePlaces for wedding11 
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    Interactive map with sights

    Tivoli Park is the most beautiful and largest park in Slovenia's capital town, Ljubljana. It covers about 5 km2 and extends to the centre of the city. In the park people can walk, run, admire the nature and relax in the green environment.
    Together with Sisenski hrib Hill and Roznik it forms a landscape park. The city park was created by joining together the parks which had surrounded Cekin and Podturn Mansions. Tivoli Park was designed in 1813 by Jean Blanchard, the French engineer. The Cekin Castle is home to the Museum of Recent History. It was built by Count Leopold Lamberg between 1752 and 1755. The castle is decorated with a late Baroque facade. The baroque upstairs hall is very beautiful. The Tivoli Park is divided into three main tree lined avenues. There are several fountains and statues in the park. At the edge of the park is a pond, next to which is a smaller botanical park with a greenhouse. For children, paradise is a children's playground, which was equipped with new playgrounds in 1994. The famous Jakopic promenade, which ends in front of the staircase below Tivoli Castle, is named after the Slovenian impressionist painter Rihard Jakopic. Tivoli Castle is located at the foot of Roznik Hill. It has a varied historical past and various owners. It has been owned by the City of Ljubljana since 1865. A fountain with a staircase were built with the famous tongue less iron statues of dogs. Until 1967 there were appartments in Tivoli Castle, but today it houses the international Center of Graphic Arts. Occasional exhibitions are also on display. Behind the castle begins the Jesenko Trail. Nearby is an Alpine style building, named Svicarija, which is the former Hotel Tivoli.
    There is also Dvorana Tivoli, a hall intended for larger concerts and sports events. Not far away, a recreational and sports centre with fitness facilities, an indoor swimming pool and a bowling alley was built in 1973.

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    The Tivoli Park - Promenade and Tivoli Mansion back

    Photo: 2020-0

    Promenade and Tivoli Mansion back
    The Tivoli Park - Cekin Mansion - National Museum of Contemporary History

    Photo: 2020-1

    Cekin Mansion - National Museum of Contemporary History
    The Tivoli Park - The Tivoli Park

    Photo: 2020-2

    The Tivoli Park
    The Tivoli Park - The Tivoli Park

    Photo: 2020-3

    The Tivoli Park
    The Tivoli Park - The Tivoli Park

    Photo: 2020-4

    The Tivoli Park
    The Tivoli Park - The Tivoli Park

    Photo: 2020-5

    The Tivoli Park
    The Tivoli Park - Tivoli Mansion - International Centre of Graphic Arts

    Photo: 2020-6

    Tivoli Mansion - International Centre of Graphic Arts
    The Tivoli Park - View of promenade from direction of Tivoli Mansion

    Photo: 2020-7

    View of promenade from direction of Tivoli Mansion
    The Tivoli Park - Tongueless dog statues

    Photo: 2020-8

    Tongueless dog statues

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