Piran - Zelenjavni trg - Piran - Zelenjavni trg
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Piran - Zelenjavni trg 

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The Zelenjavni trg Square is located in the center of Piran. Here is a marketplace where you can get fresh vegetables, fruits and many other goodies. You can also see the memorial plaque here – Memorial Tablet, the Dolphin Gate, the Benvenuti Palace and many other attractions. The Memorial Tablet - Piran declaration was unveiled in 2006. The Benvenuti House is built in Neo-Gothic style. Today, it houses a music school. Piran used to have a city wall, parts of which are still preserved today. It is made up of three different periods that resulted from the expansion of the city. Seven city gates, former entrances to the city, have been preserved. Dolphin's door is one of the most beautifully preserved gothic doors in Piran. They were built in 1483 at the initiative of Mayor Dolfin. They have a distinctive coat of arms with three dolphins. They are also the only doors that still have the original shape of a pointed gothic arch.



Zelenjavni trg - Piran - Zelenjavni Square

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Piran - Zelenjavni Square
Zelenjavni trg - Market hall in Piran

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Market hall in Piran
Zelenjavni trg - Zelenjavni Square

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Zelenjavni Square
Zelenjavni trg - Misana Gate in Piran

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Misana Gate in Piran
Zelenjavni trg - Memorial tablet - Piran declaration

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Memorial tablet - Piran declaration
Zelenjavni trg - View os Zelenjavni Square through Misana Gate

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View os Zelenjavni Square through Misana Gate
Zelenjavni trg - View of Misana Gate from Partizan Street

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View of Misana Gate from Partizan Street
Zelenjavni trg - Vidali Street in Piran

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Vidali Street in Piran
Zelenjavni trg - Dolfin's Gate in Piran

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Dolfin's Gate in Piran
Zelenjavni trg - Coat-of-arms above Dolfin's Gate

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Coat-of-arms above Dolfin's Gate
Zelenjavni trg - View from Dolfin's Gate

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View from Dolfin's Gate
Zelenjavni trg - Obzidna Street in Piran

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Obzidna Street in Piran
Zelenjavni trg - Obzidna Street

Photo: 2524-12

Obzidna Street
Zelenjavni trg - Savudrijska Street

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Savudrijska Street
Zelenjavni trg - Baroque building in Savudrijska Street

Photo: 2524-14

Baroque building in Savudrijska Street
Zelenjavni trg - Balcony of the baroque building

Photo: 2524-15

Balcony of the baroque building
Zelenjavni trg - Benvenuti Palace - Music School

Photo: 2524-16

Benvenuti Palace - Music School
Zelenjavni trg - Benvenuti Palace in Piran

Photo: 2524-17

Benvenuti Palace in Piran
Zelenjavni trg - Levstik Street in Piran

Photo: 2524-18

Levstik Street in Piran

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Municipality: PIRAN (17643 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Lucija (6057 population), Piran (3804), Portorož (2928), Seča (1231), Parecag (991),

Sečovlje (778), Strunjan (610), Dragonja (430), Sv. Peter (392), Nova vas nad Dragonjo (234), Padna (188)