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Podkraj is a small village above the Vipava Valley, which lies at the intersection of the Karst plates Nanos, Trnovo Forest and Hrusica. It extends along the Col - Kalce road and belongs to the municipality of Ajdovscina.
The sub-districts include villages Visnje, Bela, Hrusica, Vodice and Trsevje. Steep above the village are located Sveti Duh, Krizna gora, Strliska gora and Srednja gora. The plain in front of the Podkraj covers meadows and fields. The locals are mainly involved in forestry and animal husbandry. The Podkraj is beautifully maintained, most of the houses have been renovated, and the balconies and courtyards are adorned with flowers. In the center of Podkraj is the Church of Saint Margaret with the Gothic presbytery and in the year 1987 renovated subsidiary school of Col. The chapel beneath the village, dating from 1851, is also restored. It is here that the village center is being developed. Above the village stands the Church of the Holy Spirit. The Likar Café, located right next to the church, offers visitors delicious pizzas. The area around Podkraj is a true paradise for hikers. The Slovenian Mountain Trail also leads here. Panoramic, well marked and suitable for any hiker is a circular route from Podkraj via Krizna Gora to the Sveti Duh and back. At the top of the Krizna gora The Krizna gora Mountaineering Society has erected a lookout tower, from where hikers can see across Slovenia and across the border to Venice. Also interesting is the route that leads from Predjama Castle to Hrusica and further to Javornik.
The pride of Podkraj is the Skoncar sink, which stands at the entrance to the village. In the future, they intend to build an extension to a branch school, which will be arranged as a multipurpose space. They also plan to set up a sports field.


Podkraj - Podkraj

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Podkraj - Ajdovscina Municipality - Podkraj

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Ajdovscina Municipality - Podkraj
Podkraj - Podkraj with the Church of St. Margaret

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Podkraj with the Church of St. Margaret
Podkraj - Church of St. Margaret

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Church of St. Margaret
Podkraj - Cemetery

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Municipality: AJDOVŠČINA (19130 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Ajdovščina (6678 population), Lokavec (1136), Budanje (832), Cesta (551), Col (488),

Planina (480), Selo (477), Dobravlje (464), Vrtovin (461), Podkraj (419), Črniče (407), Brje (393), Dolga Poljana (370), Ustje (369), Predmeja (365), Batuje (365), Velike Žablje (330), Male Žablje (323), Žapuže (320), Skrilje (313), Stomaž (293), Otlica (286), Potoče (237), Plače (236), Gojače (195), Kamnje (192), Šmarje (192), Višnje (186), Gaberje (178), Vipavski Križ (172), Ravne (142), Žagolič (138), Kovk (129), Gozd (127), Malovše (124), Vrtovče (113), Kožmani (105), Tevče (99), Dolenje (98), Zavino (87), Grivče (80), Malo Polje (73), Vodice (62), Bela (37), Križna Gora (8)