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Hotel Bellevue

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Hotel Bellevue is located on the Mariborsko Pohorje plateau, near Maribor, which is the second largest town in Slovenia. It is a comfortable hotel attracting guests all over the year with its captivating and imaginative services.
The Hotel Bellevue offers accommodation in comfortable rooms, delicious food in hotel's restaurant and relaxation in the wellness centre. For business meeting, there are two lecture rooms available. The hotel has 42 double rooms and eight kitchenette suites: four for six people and four for four people. They are fitting for holidays in all seasons. All the suites have modern furnishings and offer a wonderful view of the Pohorje forests. Room facilities are bathroom with shower or bathtub, direct telephone line, mini-bar, safe, cable TV and internet access. Wellness center Bellevue offers Turkish sauna, Finnish sauna, suprise shower, mild sauna, resting area, ice cave and other. Here you can clean your body, find relaxation and refresh your spirit and mind. Hotel's fitness center center is equipped with premium fitness equipment produced by Precor. Workout is possible on weights benches, multifunctional device, bicycles, elliptical trainer and abdominal workout bench. At the hotel restaurant, they dedicated much effort to find recipes of some Slovene dishes, still prepared in vernacular kitchens according to the Pohorje region's culinary tradition. They revived the age-old recipes and made them appealing to the taste of the new generation of gourmets.
Restaurant also serves international dishes accompanied by local wines. Near to the hotel guests can try Nordic walking, mountain biking or horseback riding. Maribor is about 20 kilometers away from the property.


Hotel Bellevue - Hotel Bellevue

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Hotel Bellevue
Hotel Bellevue - Bruna bar at Hotel Bellevue

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Bruna bar at Hotel Bellevue
Hotel Bellevue - View of Maribor with the neighbourhood

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View of Maribor with the neighbourhood
Hotel Bellevue - Hotel Bellevue on Maribor Pohorje

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Hotel Bellevue on Maribor Pohorje
Hotel Bellevue - Hotel Bellevue on Pohorje

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Hotel Bellevue on Pohorje
Hotel Bellevue - Children's playground below Hotel Bellevue

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Children's playground below Hotel Bellevue

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Municipality: MARIBOR (110871 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Maribor (94642 population), Limbuš (1988), Kamnica (1644), Pekre (1465), Razvanje (1287),

Bresternica (1284), Rošpoh - del (776), Zrkovci (753), Dogoše (726), Trčova (693), Hrastje (553), Malečnik (507), Počehova (405), Ruperče (395), Jelovec (329), Laznica (314), Ribniško selo (301), Metava (293), Meljski Hrib (292), Celestrina (286), Vinarje (234), Šober (232), Gaj nad Mariborom (216), Vodole (214), Srednje (184), Za Kalvarijo (157), Pekel (156), Hrenca (140), Nebova (129), Vrhov Dol (117), Zgornji Slemen - del (87), Grušova (72)