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Postojna - Postojna
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Postojna - Adelsberg Castle (Sovic Hill)
Postojna - Town Park
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Postojna is a town, which is the centre of the Municipality of Postojna. In written sources is first mentioned in 1226. From the Roman times is known the fortification on the hill Sovic. Under the hill developed the old centre Majlont and here are preserved ruins of a medieval castle.
The urban city is located on the steep area above the bottom of the eastern part of Spodnja Pivka. To the town also belong small villages Mackovec and Ravbarkomanda. Postojna is administrative, traffical, educational, cultural, medical and commercial centre. The famous people who were born in Postojna are Luka Cec, Alojz Kraigher, writer and doctor, Erik Lovro, artist and many others. In Postojna is the Institute for the Karst protection, a hospital for women's diseases and a museum. The city also has a sports airport. Around Postojna developed wooden, food and metal industries. Very important is a tourism industry, because here is located world famous Postojna Cave and nearby Predjama Castle, which is carved in live rock. Postojna is a starting point towards to Karst sights.


Postojna - Postojna

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Postojna - Church of St. Stephen

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Postojna - Town Park

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Postojna - Town Hall

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Postojna - Villa Ljubljanska 10

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Postojna - Hotel Sport

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Postojna - Trg padlih borcev

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Postojna - Villa Jenkova 3

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Postojna - Majlont

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Postojna - Hotel Kras

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Postojna - At Slovenian pole

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Municipality: POSTOJNA (16207 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Postojna (9482 population), Prestranek (808), Planina (804), Hrašče (441), Matenja vas (318),

Studeno (287), Koče (278), Hruševje (266), Slavina (224), Belsko (208), Orehek (198), Zagon (197), Šmihel pod Nanosom (193), Hrenovice (184), Razdrto (176), Rakitnik (173), Veliki Otok (164), Stara vas (162), Bukovje (160), Landol (155), Dilce (150), Gorenje (104), Veliko Ubeljsko (94), Strmca (90), Mali Otok (87), Predjama (87), Grobišče (81), Goriče (77), Studenec (75), Slavinje (70), Strane (68), Malo Ubeljsko (50), Brezje pod Nanosom (50), Žeje (49), Velika Brda (49), Mala Brda (44), Sajevče (39), Lohača (26), Rakulik (21), Liplje (18)