Ribcev Laz - Pod Skalco - Ribčev Laz - Pod Skalco
Upper CarniolaRibcev Laz - Pod Skalco

Ribcev Laz - Pod Skalco

Ribcev Laz - Pod Skalco
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Ribcev Laz is a small settlement with a typical lumpy kernel. Local people were farmers for long time, but now is the main activity tourism. The main part of the settlement are hotels, apartments, weekend cottages and other. The most famous image of Ribcev Laz is the John the Baptist's Church. A speciality of the place is a stone wall, which is situated in the immediate nearness of the event and picnic area called Pod skalco. Here are still visible traces of marine shells, which prove the shallow coast of the former sea. The place Pod skalco also has a small inn and many possibilities for different activities. In the inn Pod skalco have local and other food, ice cream, desserts and other. On weekends in summer time is playing live music. The picnic area is intended for pleasant social gathering by food and drink. They also organize a variety of fun and sport games for children and adults. It is provided for a parking place and a tent in the case of a bad weather. For business partners, companies and other groups they organize next activities: driving by boat on lake, rafting by Sava Bohinjka, canyoning on river beds of Jerecica and Mostnica, driving on lake with kayak, canoe or small boat, archery, cycling, climbing, ride with a carrige, hiking and many more. Climbing enthusiasts will be particularly impressed by the high natural climbing wall.


Pod Skalco - Ribcev Laz - Pod skalco

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Ribcev Laz - Pod skalco
Pod Skalco - Entertainment area Pod Skalco

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Entertainment area Pod Skalco
Pod Skalco - Picnic area Pod Skalco

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Picnic area Pod Skalco
Pod Skalco - Pod Skalco in Bohinj

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Pod Skalco in Bohinj
Pod Skalco - Pod Skalco

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Pod Skalco
Pod Skalco - Climbing wall Pod Skalco

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Climbing wall Pod Skalco
Pod Skalco - Climbing wall

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Climbing wall
Pod Skalco - Climbing wall in Bohinj

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Climbing wall in Bohinj
Pod Skalco - Inn Pod Skalco

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Inn Pod Skalco
Pod Skalco - Inn Pod Skalco near climbing wall

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Inn Pod Skalco near climbing wall
Pod Skalco - Cake Marlenka

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Cake Marlenka
Pod Skalco - View to Lake Bohinj

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View to Lake Bohinj

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Municipality: BOHINJ (5125 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Bohinjska Bistrica (1763 population), Stara Fužina (559), Srednja vas v Bohinju (496), Bohinjska Češnjica (338), Koprivnik v Bohinju (224),

Kamnje (198), Jereka (188), Polje (166), Nomenj (162), Ribčev Laz (159), Gorjuše (147), Nemški Rovt (117), Studor v Bohinju (116), Brod (89), Podjelje (79), Bitnje (72), Savica (57), Ukanc (48), Laški Rovt (41), Ravne v Bohinju (40), Lepence (37), Log v Bohinju (12), Žlan (9), Goreljek (8)