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Simonov zaliv (Simon's bay) - Beach 

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Izola is a picturesque Mediterranean town stretching on the coast between Piran and Izola. It is an important city of Slovenian Istria with a well-developed craft and economic activity. The favorable Mediterranean climate and enviable location enabled Izola to develop tourism in the second half of the 19th century.
The city experienced a real boom after 1960, when the Belvedere tourist resort and Simon's Bay were built. Since then, tourism has been an important factor influencing the pulse and image of present Izola. The hotel settlement of Simon's Bay is spread in the shelter of a variety of Mediterranean greenery, where in the Roman period the Halietum settlement was. The resort offers guests comfortable accommodations at the hotel and summer cottages, and offers many recreational and sports facilities ranging from swimming pools to tennis courts and miniature golf. The hotel beach is located in a natural bay and is partly sandy and therefore suitable for families with young children. For the youngest is the Mini Izola club where they can enjoy a slide or play on the sand. Guests can stroll along the many walking trails, some run right by the sea and others in the pleasant shade of greenery. Near Simon Bay is the picturesque old town of Izola, which has preserved the medieval design of the Mediterranean city with a church on a hill, intertwined narrow streets, tall houses and an inland harbor protected by the waves.
The most important landmarks are the Municipal Palace, which was built in 1325, a prayer house, a cultural home, Saint Catherine's Church, Besenghi Palace, Manzioli House, Lovisato House, Saint Mary Alietska Church and more.



Beach - Simonov zaliv (Simon's bay) - Beach

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Simonov zaliv (Simon's bay) - Beach
Beach - Beach at Simonov zaliv

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Beach at Simonov zaliv
Beach - Entrance on beach of Hotel resort San Simon

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Entrance on beach of Hotel resort San Simon
Beach - Toboggan slides at Simonov zaliv

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Toboggan slides at Simonov zaliv
Beach - Path to the Simonov zaliv

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Path to the Simonov zaliv
Beach - Children's playground

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Children's playground
Beach - Small pier

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Small pier
Beach - Simonov zaliv

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Simonov zaliv
Beach - Simonov zaliv with toboggan slides

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Simonov zaliv with toboggan slides
Beach - Promenade near Simonov zaliv

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Promenade near Simonov zaliv
Beach - Promenade along the bay

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Promenade along the bay
Beach - Last part of the promenade

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Last part of the promenade
Beach - Flysch Cliff - Cape Kane

Photo: 2573-12

Flysch Cliff - Cape Kane
Beach - Parking place near Simov zaliv beach

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Parking place near Simov zaliv beach

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Municipality: IZOLA (16015 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Izola (11353 population), Jagodje (2146), Korte (824), Šared (605), Malija (478),

Dobrava (250), Cetore (143), Baredi (143), Nožed (73)